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We said in part I: Gina, you want a sample?

  One thing is deluded masses in a
> remote village or a shanty town - and even there, they get their
> commeuppance if they defy the Party.

To which "Quispe" replies with his consumate "malecki style" demagogy:


And is all this cobbling together of unconnected and irrelevant slogans
true?  Not at all.  The Party is the Party of the PROLETARIAT not of the
masses in general. That is a fascist Party or a populist Party.

The Communist Party is not the masses as the anarchists like Quispe allege,
or even a "mass Party" as the social democrats allege.  It is the Party OF
THE MASSES" which is a very different thing.

Chairman Gonzalo in "Rectification Campaign":

"Let us take-up the lessons of the Rectification Campaign of the First
Plenary Session of the Central Committee and, taking into account the
popularisation and the elevation of level, DISTINGUISH between leaders and
cadres on the one hand and ordinary members on the other, differentiate the
Party organisations: the Party which has A CONCRETE MEMBERSHIP, the people's
Guerilla Army and its generated organisms.  Also, let's DIFFERENTIATE
between the mass organisations fighting alongside us".

The Party is the servant of the masses, but the masses of the people are
composed of different classes and different interests manifest themselves
among them in accordance with the laws of uneven development of the masses
own consciousness. So, even at the best of times, only organisation can
equip the masses with the necessary tools for their liberation and that
implies differentiation, implies leadership, implies clear lines of command,
and implies plans and an ideology and to bear very much in mind that a
"great and massive ideological movement needs the Party as the leading
force, because the Party is the most conscious part of such a movement,
since it knows, handles, and applies the ideology". (Chairman Gonzalo, ibid.)

Therefore equating Party and masses, may sound very revolutionary and appeal
to the likes of malecki and whatever swindler wants to cover up their
trafficking with the peoples cause under high fallutin words, but in fact,
it is not. This denies the fact that the Party is the most conscious part of
the masses by submerging and equating it with whole, ignoring class
distinctions, ideological hues, detachments of the enemy class within the
revolutionary ranks who precisely work upon the masses to set them at each
other's thoats, and even degrees of preparadness, etc.

The above paragraph of "Quispe" is indeed very revealing, because it lays
bare the very essence of what we have already studied in Avakian ideology,
in fact expressing it that much more concentrated fashion that, without fear
of being proved wrong, one can say that it is a form of poetic justice that,
Avakian, who set out to make a caricature of "maoism" and the PCP, has ended
up generating a caricature of himself which actually wants to take over his
"chair": the much more grotesque, loudmouthed and ineffective caricature
"Quispe", who, the more  it becomes more distinctly anarchic, the more it
begins to look like Avakian himself.

Let take my formulation to which "Quispe", parroting the most absurd
currents of Trotskysm, cries "Stalin"! Stalin! Administrative methods!.

 One thing is deluded masses in a
> remote village or a shanty town - and even there, they get their
> commeuppance if they defy the Party.

Is that not the case that deluded masses should be treated differently than
landlords, bigwigs, government officials, military officers, etc?  To do
otherwise would indeed be using administrative methods.  However, if the
methods of persuassion fail, will this mean that nothing can be done and one
must let individuals from the masses continue to defy the party and the New
State?  Quispe thinks so.  "NOTHING", he says, can be done, because to do
something would be "using administrative methods", acting like "Stalin".
Since NOTHING can be resolved one should let them carry on. Isn't this
method absurd too, somewhere?

In fact here we have a number of "pearls of Quispe Thought" which prove what
sort of "maoist" he is:

What does Chairman Gonzalo said about Stalin in the Interview?  He said "It
is false that Stalin resolved things by the administrative method"  But
"Quispe" speaks to the contrary: "STALIN TACTICS ARE NOT VALID, MAO'S TACTIC
pitting Stalin against Mao? So, who is right, Chairman Gonzalo, or "Quispe"?

And what are Chairman Mao's own words on the subject?:

In the Editorial from the Jen-min Jih-pao, April 5, 1956 Chairman Mao spoke

"Some people treat Stalin's writings in a doctrinaire manner and therefore
cannot analyse and see what is correct and what is not - and EVERYTHING THAT
IS CORRECT THEY CONSIDER A PANACEA and apply indiscriminately, and thus
inevitably make mistakes".

And he continues: "For instance, Stalin put forward a formula that in
different revolutionary periods the main blow should be directed as to
isolate the middle- of-the-road social and political forces of the time.
This formula of Stalin's should be treated according to circunstances and
>from a critical, Marxist point of view. IN CERTAIN CIRCUNSTANCES it may be
correct to isolate the middle forces, but is not correct to isolate them in
all circunstances".

"Some people consider that Stalin was wrong in every thing; this is a grave

Would not that also be the case if we were to consider Mao's methods as a
panacea for all times and places?  In fact, what "Quispe" speaks as "Mao's
methods" are in fact one part, the principal, but not the only part, of the
armory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism which is a unity of three glorious stages
and comrade Stalin was in fact a great Marxist-Leninist, as Chairman Mao and
Chairman Gonzalo always insisted.

So "Quispe" is wrong in assuming that what he calls "Maoist" methods can be
applied in all circunstances, and precisely this one is one of these
occassions in which, what we must do accords more with clearing the field of
vacillating elements and equivocators as well as unreliable friends,
precisely because we are gearing up to confront the enemy, and no army will
march to such a task without clearing up all the spies and enemy agents in
their midst.

Moreover, compromises, cannot be permitted because it is a matter that
pertains to THE GENERAL LINE, to the central issue of continuing or
capitulating the revolution.

Chairman Mao also said "there is NO GROUND FOR COMPROMISE on questions
pertaining to the General Line".  Therefore, to attempt to apply "Maoist
methods" ALWAYS, regardless of circunstances, AND PRECISELY IN THIS
PARTICULAR ONE, is precisely one of the reasons that led Co-RIM to the
quandary it finds itself now.  And this is because, people who consider that
there is ONLY ONE correct method which "they consider a panacea for all
times", cannot be possibly be regarded as Maoists.

Another point which deserves a comment, is how the "neo-Avakian" flea sized
Frankestein "Quispe" narrows down the scope of the action of the
revolutionary forces from the wide International Communist Movement (where
Chairman Gonzalo indicates the PCP and its allies should develop the red
fraction) to that of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement ALONE, and
finally, exclusively centering in the Co-Rim burocracy.  From some one who
riles so loudly against "administrative methods", such a substitution of
targets is most revealing.  But then, "Quispe" has not been noted for
consistency in anything, except in inconsistency and chicanery itself!

There is much more to that little outburst of "Quispe".  A whole treatise
could be written if need be about such sweeping statements as "nothing is
one sided" and everything is multilateral" which are nothing but tautologies
completely divorced of the reality we are facing in which indeed, as El
Diario Internacional has put it, "Two Banners are Fighting in the
International Arena: Maoism in words against Maoism in deeds".

>From this struggle it will arise a new unity, a unity of words and deeds
that would exclude the windbags and the slogan mongers, as well as enemy
agents, but if nothing is one sided, and indeed everything has many sides or
aspects, there is also a question of the principal aspect of each
contradiction.  And in this particular one, the principal aspect is to draw
clear lines of distinction and make clean breaks with the shortcomings of a
whole era in the affairs of the international solidarity with the People's
War in Peru.

We have indeed, and other comrades have done this more and better than me,
attempted to struggle with the "middle forces" in a friendly fashion in this
occassion too, as difficult as this has proven to be given the nature of the

In Gina's case, which is the subject of this mailer, this is proven to be to
no avail, and most comrades have now come to that conclussion too, as I can
see from the latests postings.  Therefore I propose we sever all relations
with her as well in an organised and disciplined fashion.

We have indeed already achieved great victory in this struggle.  Indeed we
have carried out a REAL OFFENSIVE against a wily hidden agent of the enemy
within his own territory and guiding ourselves by communist principles,
given tit-for-tat without in any way falling to the gutter level where they
continously want to drag us.  Most people have already taken clear positions
including Matt and the Australian clone of Avakian.  The middle ground is no
longer there, either to be won or lost, and only enemies remain at the other

It may appear that we have only made little headway since forces appera to
be even.  But this is only Internet, the forte of our enemy which has
bourgeois resources on his side.  However all the good people, the sincere
people, have fully realised the character of this unprincipled gang,
including many new friends, while all the stated goals - that he, like the
fox that could not reach the grapes, no longer remembers (or wnats to
remember) - which "Quispe" set himself at the beginning have been utterly
lost to him without us in any way having had to accomodate anybody or pander
or bargain with them at all.

So, here we started with no "internet cadres" at all - it was an un-intended
visit to this list what drove me here.  I had no plans to have a fight
either with the subscribers of this list or with Quispe, since I was
completely unaware of the extent of his hostility to Arce Borja or to
myself, as were indeed too the best part of his own initial supporters.

Today we have established relations and the prospects for real solidarity
work for the peruvian revolution in the USA have opened up, judging by
Comrade Godenas latest information as to the establishment of a regular
mechanism of distribution for El Diario Internacional in that country.
There is already a cadre base for the work of the forecoming World
Mobilisation Commission in the USA nearly a full month  from the OFFICIAL
LAUNCH DATE FOR THE CALL!.  In fact, El Diario Internacional has announced
it but the OFFICIAL DOCUMENT will only be published in June.

It is good that this initiative is been gestated in the midst of struggle in
an open forum such as this one.  WE have also won important friends among
people who are not Maoists in this list, while our enemies have only won
themselves the support of those who viscerally hate Maoism and can only be
expected to support any revolution at the point of a dagger in the back.
Good luck to them in the same desolate trenches.  Our gains are 500% and
more, while the enemies losses are close to 100% in support from genuine
people.  But what is most important, we have succeeded in drawing a clear
line of distinction, isolating and disorganising the encirclement the enemy
was preparing against us, and driven them to reveal their true colours and
allegiances in such a fashion as to make it impossible for them to make any
head way in their foolish attempts.  Even Ms. Gina has paid us the
compliment of mimicking our chosen "moniker" for "Quispe" (Chucky) and
everyone knows that imitation is the SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY, and that,
coming from a Jesuit like Gina, proves indeed the extent to which we have
driven the nails into the coffin of this hare-brained rabble and really hit
home with our barbs.

If this is not in keeping with the spirit of the Strategic offensive of the
World Revolution, what else can it be?

There is indeed a great deal to be done as yet too, since the real struggle
to make true the brilliant prospects this struggle has opened up, can only
be won each and every day and the struggle goes on.  We have done struggle
and in the process destroyed a nasty plot and left it in tatters. Now we
have to prove ourselves in the struggle to construct, both here in Internet
- which has its specific features - and in the ground where other methods
apply.  I will be submitting ideas in that respect during the next few days,
as should all our comrades with whom this victory has been won together.

Long Live the People's War in Peru!
Long Live the World Proletarian Revolution!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long Live Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Communist Party of Peru!
Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long Live the International Proletariat!
Long Live El Diario Internacional!
Long Live the World Mobilisation Commission!
Combat and Resist!

Adolfo Olaechea

on behalf of

Committee Sol-Peru, London.

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