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Sun Jun 2 00:44:23 MDT 1996

> - Do you mean this? I suggest it would enhance your credibility if
> you do, quite independently of what Olaechea may do.
> We evaluate whether was worthed to reply each of the rantings of
  Don Adolfo, and we concluded that it is not, for the simple reason
  that he is not credible in this list nor in the support movement to
  the PCP.
> This too seems a clear statement. Whether Olaechea and his supporters
> are in a position in the future to claim clearer evidence that the
> PCP supports the WMC initiative, there is nothing to stop them now
> presenting the merits of the intiative on its own terms.
 Actually, Olaechea supporters in the US are only two who are very
inffectual and unreliable (those who had some role in "distributing" the
New Flag and we have already replaced.) One is Godenas in RI, who is
like a cup of jelly, he fits in any container, although he has a lot of
time, he is a null and eccentric guy, an unemployed and phony "union leader"
who talks big but his political work is zero. We dissolved his "ghost"
Committe before he jumped to Don Adolfo. We spent more time in trying to
correct his mounting revisionism and educate him, than in doing a political
work -he cannot do more than to chat in the Marxist list (a harmless
cheerleader.) The other is our sick "bulldog" Jay Miles from Detroit (his
buddy Tony has nothing to do with us- he is a "fake" supporter) Jay,
who can hardly walk by himself, he told us he was in permanent disability
for alcoholism and drugs. He looks drunk most of the time, his
hair sweeps the floor, he is always with his bottle of liquor under his
wornout jacket, a smelly guy prone to petty violence, once our comrades
in New York stopped him of turning upside down a table of a political
opponent. In another occasion, he throwed a bottle on the head of a RCP
member. He is former Jehova Witness, picked up from the street by the RCP
to keep clean its "revolution" bookstores, here he learned the phony Maoism
of the RCP. A faithful devoter of "Chairman Avakian" who is currently working
with the RCP's controlled front "Refuse & Resist" in Detroit.
In sum, we lost nothing. Let's keep Don Adolfo our two pests (a good

Gina is a different situation all together. She comes from a complete
different background than the "bulldog." She is a proven Maoist and has
a solid line.

> It is clear that in terms of personal credibility and mutual respect
> Quispe and Olaechea are at rock bottom. For their sake
This is relative. We said from the beginning that the role of NF was not
to recruit anyone in this list, but to serve as an informational source.
I think we are accomplishing this. The chit chat like this do not
necessarily count but the material we publish under The New Flag name.

> as well as the rest of the l'st can we move on to political issues.
>Yes. Definetely. We know that Don Adolfo stories are not credible, then
there is no reason to waste time. If Don Adolfo would have some
real influence, then we should be concerned. But now as is, he means
little or nothing in the support movement to the People's War in Peru.


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> London
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