Thank you, Mr Malecki!

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Sun Jun 2 01:20:12 MDT 1996

Hello again Luis G.,

I've just finished a brief reply to you (again) disagreeing with
you on Henwood. Here I'd like to state my agreement with you on
thanking "our man in Robertsfors, Sweden". Thanks from me too!

>On Saturday, June 1st, our heroic "exile" wrote:
>>As for Louis Godena.   He is nobody.  A zero.
>Thank you, Mr Malecki!   Considering the source, that's high praise indeed!

>             Louis Godena
Yes, isn't it? Mr. Malignki IMO is a good teacher by negative example.
This openly declared Trotskyite, who some weeks ago was twice
expressly called on by his friend "Quispe" to attack me, doesn't like
you, nor comrade Adolfo or me either. Gina, on the other hand, he
yesterday applauded, because of one posting of hers sniping against the
WMC - "does the PCP really want it - oh, I'm *so* concerned about that".
I'm sorry to see her siding with the cockroach, but this is the way
things go in the world, within the so-called "left; there *are*
layers upon layers of phonies, nastier or less nasty ones. Among
so-called ordinary people, things are quite different. Take any
group of workers or similar employees - if they knew what has been
going on, they'd have nothing but scorn and contempt for that
little camp "Quispe"-Malignki-Gina (the last-mentioned of whom does
seem to me, too, to be beyond saving for the revolution - I'll send
her that tape I promised anyway).

I hope Malignki and some others will continue writing quite a lot to
this list and teach people much more than they've done alrady!

Rolf M.

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