Cornered Quaspie on comrades Jay & Tony

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Sun Jun 2 04:35:30 MDT 1996

Keep that good stuff coming, "Qu/Cco"! You tried to hit out
with some more of your lumpen "argumentation", now against
the comrades in Detroit. Their statement didn't suit you, what?
Considering the "level of thruthfulness" in your earlier
stories about me, something I can ceck on, can't I, it must
be held probable that your "biographies" of Jay and Tony
consist of a pack of lies, too. I on my part judge them by
their wrtings, just as I judge you from yours, and it's
clear that they've learned at least some very important
elements of Marxism already, all of which you certainly don't
get from the books. It's to be hoped that you, Malignki and
Gina will stay with us for a while yet to lead the
main classes in "negative example"!

Rolf M.

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