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Sun Jun 2 07:16:09 MDT 1996

Hello Ken,

You wrote:

>Last time I read something like this, it was the typical neo-Nazi stuff
>about the hated-Jew de jour. (You should see the letters Nazis send
>newspapers. This could be a carbon copy.)
>But then, William P and Gina are open anti-Semites. And probably Chris
>Burford, he seems to condone these tactics, or at least treat them
>lightly. He's like the "polite wing." You are some trio.

Quite right! (Though anti-semitism I haven't seen any of from Gina.)
And you're not forgetting the "polite wing" either; that's good. I on
my part would like to add Mr Malignki here in Sweden; his "kisses of
death" do contribute with some spice to this really unpleasant gang.

Rolf M.

>The New Flag editorial of the day:

(Quashp, quashp, quashp etc)

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