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Sun Jun 2 09:52:33 MDT 1996

"Quispe", here you sink perhaps lower than you ever have, which for you is a
real accomplishment. Your lies, slanders, and betrayals continue to poison
this list in the name of "PCP support". Yet, "Quispe," the majority of PCP
supporters don't support you! Yet, to deny and cover up this fact, you paint
all of us as "fake supporters" except the two whose work on behalf of the
PCP cannot be denied--Lou Godena and Jay Miles. Louis is am employed union
activist who tries to do as much political work as possible; he is very busy
with his fmily. He has done much productive and good work in support of the
People's War. Don't you yet know, "Quispe", that you can't dissolve a
committee that you don't lead. And that the fact that you would dissolve
aPCP support group that doesn't take YOUR line on the WMC belies your
loyalties only to yourself, never to the PCP. As to Jay Miles, "Quispe", you
are nothing but despicable here. Even if this stuff is true, which I am sure
it is not, this means that Jay trusted you as a comrade to keep confidences,
and you broke that--you betray your own comrades, "Quispe", but you never
knew what that meant, did you? Anyhow, I am inclined to believe that this
whole tale is nothing but a pack of lies like the one you tried to pin on
Louis. Jay has always been a good comrade and fighter for the Peruvian
revolution, being very active in PCP support work, always opposing
Avakianism, constantly taking a solid revolutionary line. And when he saw
that the correct line here was support of the WMC, you saw fit to betray him
like you have so many others. How can you possibly be trusted with a
position of responsibility in this movement? Obviously you cannot. This
garbage and slander is quite reminiscent of FBI tactics. If you don't want
to be called a cop, "Quispe", don't act like one. Somehow, despite all of
this (FAKE) information, you never hjad a problem with Jay. Now, when he
won't support you, he becomes worthy to be the target of another of your
lying attacks. You constantly prove why PCP supporters cannot support you.
You take two of our best comrades, and tell LIES about them without
compunction! Comrades Louis and Jay are the ones who introduced me to the
PCP support movement. They are solid, reliable, dependable, productive
activists. You are nothing more than a traitor and liar, "Quispe"! You take
Jay Miles and slander him, lie about him, try to bring him down to your
corrupt gutter level. But Jay is better than this. Jay is stronger than your
lies. Jay is a staunch militant and supporter of the PCP and the Peruvian
people. But, you, "Quispe", on the other hand are a sickening traitor.
Support the WMC! Support the Resolution of the PSC/Detroit!

Charlotte L. Kates

At 02:44 AM 6/2/96 -0400, you wrote:

> Actually, Olaechea supporters in the US are only two who are very
>inffectual and unreliable (those who had some role in "distributing" the
>New Flag and we have already replaced.) One is Godenas in RI, who is
>like a cup of jelly, he fits in any container, although he has a lot of
>time, he is a null and eccentric guy, an unemployed and phony "union leader"
>who talks big but his political work is zero. We dissolved his "ghost"
>Committe before he jumped to Don Adolfo. We spent more time in trying to
>correct his mounting revisionism and educate him, than in doing a political
>work -he cannot do more than to chat in the Marxist list (a harmless
>cheerleader.) The other is our sick "bulldog" Jay Miles from Detroit (his
>buddy Tony has nothing to do with us- he is a "fake" supporter) Jay,
>who can hardly walk by himself, he told us he was in permanent disability
>for alcoholism and drugs. He looks drunk most of the time, his
>hair sweeps the floor, he is always with his bottle of liquor under his
>wornout jacket, a smelly guy prone to petty violence, once our comrades
>in New York stopped him of turning upside down a table of a political
>opponent. In another occasion, he throwed a bottle on the head of a RCP
>member. He is former Jehova Witness, picked up from the street by the RCP
>to keep clean its "revolution" bookstores, here he learned the phony Maoism
>of the RCP. A faithful devoter of "Chairman Avakian" who is currently working
>with the RCP's controlled front "Refuse & Resist" in Detroit.
>In sum, we lost nothing. Let's keep Don Adolfo our two pests (a good
>Gina is a different situation all together. She comes from a complete
>different background than the "bulldog." She is a proven Maoist and has
>a solid line.


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