Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Jun 2 10:10:01 MDT 1996

>>Quite right! (Though anti-semitism I haven't seen any of from Gina.)
>>And you're not forgetting the "polite wing" either; that's good. I on
>>my part would like to add Mr Malignki here in Sweden; his "kisses of
>>death" do contribute with some spice to this really unpleasant gang.
>>Rolf M.
>Martens, you should read what your writing. The Malignki stuff is the old
>trotskite jew baiting stuff in the original.
>malecki in exile...

"Jew baiting" stuff I never wrote, Malignki. Trotskyites of your kind
will continue to be good teachers by negative example. Here for
instance you added another of your lies. I bet Gina is proud of
being applauded by you.

Rolf M.


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