I'm sorry, Jay

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sun Jun 2 10:16:43 MDT 1996

Dear Jay;

                I just read our friend "Quispe's" extremely personal attack
on you and the Detroit Committee.   Gosh, it was just a few weeks ago that
he was urging me to give you a spot at the podium during our Boston event at
Community Church.    You remember the Boston event.    The Peru Support
Committees (including yourself) organized it.   That was one of the few
times I could tear myself away from amidst the beer cans in front of the TV.

                Anyway, I want to apologize for "Quispe's" lack of
principle.   You know, Dan and I have to take responsibility for much of
this.   We, in a sense, "invented" "Quispe".   We gave him money and support
and facilitated him in every way.    Of course, because he was on the "most
wanted" list of "Maoist revolutionaries" we accepted his pleas for
anonymity.   We now know of course that "anonymity" in most cases is simply
a fop to preclude the examination of one's background and history, not by
the police but by fellow comrades.

                Live and learn, my friend.

                                                         Louis Godena

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