Lou Godena's response to "Does the PCP want WMC?"

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Jun 2 10:23:12 MDT 1996

Gina, you wrote:

>I appreciate your personal tone, Lou, but I think you missed my
>main point: that the WMC is NOT based on a genuine application
>of MLM, GT.

Such comments are really a big joke, coming from a person with
*your* recent practice.

Comrade Luis G. wrote i.a.:

>>Gina, you should know by experience (i.e., your ten years in Avakian's
>>"Revolutionary Communist Party"--"USA") what the "Quispe" style of
>>"revolutionary" amounts to; the pissing away of years of diligent and
>>determined work among masses of people to be sacrificed at a whim
>>by Masters of the Iron Piss-pot like Avakian and "Luis Quispe".   Such
>>self-proclaimed "Marxists" are unworthy of a single dime or drop of sweat,
>>particularly by those who toil for a living and whose homes and families
>>have been opened on the behalf of these swindlers.

Yes, precisely!

>I have to say, I really don't understand what you mean here.  My
>own work among the masses of people when I was hooked up with
>RCP could not possibly be "pissed away" by those revisionists.
>I wasn't working FOR Avakian or his Detroit surrogates, I was working
>for proletarian revolution.

That's what you - still - like to *think*. Considering what the
"RCP" was and still is, it's obviously at least to a great extent
quite untrue.

>In fact, it pissed THEM off to no end that the masses kept coming
>into the bookstore and asking for me, or for another person who
>left around the same time.

Might be true for all I know that they did ask for you. That's
going to change, you know. People will get on to you.

>So, sorry, but I just don't share your very negative assessment of
>the New Flag and the comrades who work on it.  Making the ideology
>of the PCP and news of the People's War available to the masses
>does not constitute trafficking, and that is what I see these comrades
>struggling very hard to do;

>Gina/ Detroit

Ah yes, Quashpie's counterrevolutionary activities just "never
happened", the debate on this list exposing "him" completely -
"whoever heard of such a thing?"

Rolf M.

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