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Sun Jun 2 10:42:06 MDT 1996


You wrote:
>               I knew it was too good to last.  Malecki is  now scabbing on
>          his own boycot of  the Marxism list.  Whatever forces bedevil his
>          mind, the hobgoblin of consistency isn;'t one of them.

I don't think this adversary of mine was inconsistent here. It seems
the list editors did make an excuse.

>               It's pretty clear that  we  need  to launch some  new Crimes
>          against Malecki.   Maybe  somebody  (a  glutton  for punishment?)
>          could read and review his book.

Malignki will certainly launch some more "Crimes" of his own, not so
much against himself as against those crooks who matter more, by his
support of them. One shouldn't be against reading beastly, negative
stuff, that's what I at least think. (Which doesn't mean I'm going
to read that book.) Quaspie, Gina *plus* the awowed Trotskyite
Malignki all hugging each other, *that's* a good group of teachers for
many! Please don't try to scare him (Bob M.) away or anything.

Rolf M.

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