Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Jun 2 11:40:37 MDT 1996

>>>Quite right! (Though anti-semitism I haven't seen any of from Gina.)
>>>And you're not forgetting the "polite wing" either; that's good. I on
>>>my part would like to add Mr Malignki here in Sweden; his "kisses of
>>>death" do contribute with some spice to this really unpleasant gang.
>>>Rolf M.
>>Martens, you should read what your writing. The Malignki stuff is the old
>>trotskite jew baiting stuff in the original.
>>malecki in exile...
>"Jew baiting" stuff I never wrote, Malignki. Trotskyites of your kind
>will continue to be good teachers by negative example. Here for
>instance you added another of your lies. I bet Gina is proud of
>being applauded by you.
>Rolf M.
Martens are you stupid? The origins of Stalinist Jew baiting is exactly what
you are doing again! Malignki and Trotskyite are the origins of Stalinst jew
baiting of the old man himself you idiot..But of corse you would not
understand that your Trotskyite song is just an echo of the Stalinist jew
baiting smear campaign against Trotsky. You have just inherited from you

malecki in exile...

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