ANTHONY FROSINOS molotov1 at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jun 2 12:07:20 MDT 1996

        Quispe you are a filthy liar. You credability has now sunk to
below nothing. Why do you have to make up lies ? Can't you do any
better than that? Is it because politically you are totally bankrupt?
It is obvious to me and almost everyone on this list that you are a
imposter and fraud.
   Comrade Jay is a great proletarian fighter and a staunch supporter
of the Peoples War in Peru. In him resides the spirt of Communism. He
has devoted his life to fighting imperialism and revisonism. If you
think by slandering comrade Jay's characeter you will silence him you
are wrong. I have known Jay to be a fearless fighter for Communist
  Comrade Jay it is a good thing to be attacked by the enemy, it is
better to be attacked so visiously.It shows that we have been doing
good in our work, and are drawing a clear line between us and them.
This scum quispe has lost all credabiltiy he is nothing, his support is
dwindling and he is attacking like like the rabid dog that he is.


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