Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Jun 2 13:13:28 MDT 1996

One more time, Malignki,

You invented a "novelty" today about me "baiting jews" when attacking
Trotskyism, and in a second posting tried to defend this with:

>Martens are you stupid? The origins of Stalinist Jew baiting is exactly what
>you are doing again! Malignki and Trotskyite are the origins of Stalinst jew
>baiting of the old man himself you idiot..But of corse you would not
>understand that your Trotskyite song is just an echo of the Stalinist jew
>baiting smear campaign against Trotsky. You have just inherited from you
>malecki in exile...

The Stalin-Trotsky controversy was over many things, and when
backing Stalin as the one who was right in the main, I'll add
also that apparently, matters were not completely as straight-
forward as "red against white" (at least from the start on) as
some Marxists describe things, in this conflict. *But* at least
it's clear that *anti-semitism* in no way was any main theme in it.

"Anti-Trotskyism = Anti-Semitism", that's really a quite
erroneous and silly "new theory" of yours. Once upon a time,
I did read some of the books by the noted Trotsky propagandists,
but *this* "theory" I never came across.

It would make Mao Zedong's struggles against the Chinese
Trotskyites and our (some people's) present struggle against
your friands and partners Avakian and the "Qu/CCo" into
"anti-semitic propaganda", too, wouldn't it? I refrain from
asking you whether you and your allies are stupid; let each
man's statement, and each woman's too, stand in its place,
for all to see.

Rolf M.

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