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Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Jun 2 13:38:52 MDT 1996

Hello Henwood,

>At 8:55 AM 6/2/96, Rolf Martens wrote:
>>I beg to disagree
>>The contribution by Henwood, as I already wrote yesterday, IMO
>>in the main was a reaction against my attacking the "green"
>>warfare of the bourgeoisie.

>I love things intended as self-defenses that turn out to be
>self-indictments. This is precisely the grandiose idiocy I was talking
>about. 16 things - don't you think that's a bit much? If you have something
>to say, boil it down into a few interesting paragraphs instead of
>carpet-bombing us with bullshit. Today's mailbox is full of the same cast
>of useless characters as yesterday's.

The subject matter I re-psted some stuff earlier sent to newsgroups
about is 1) an enormous one 2) practically unknown territory today
who cal themselves "Marxists"; furthermore, in my Intro I did
recomend what (only) to read for those who might merely want to
get an idea of what it was all about: Two of the postings. I still
hold that all of my 16 things were of considerable relevance;
those who might have wanted to download them could have done so.

*Your* attack - for such it was - absolutely came across as a
call for me and some others just to "shut up".

In a day's mail on this list of some 80-100 postings, even 16
more (that many from me for once) is no big deal. Deleting,
say 66-86 postings instead of 50-70, how many seconds extra
will that take the experienced, or even the inexperienced,,

Perhaps you just are accustomed to throw epithets like "drivel",
"thrash" etc around and did *not* intend, as was my definite
impression, to make people whose views you didn't agree with
"shut up"? Your second posting seems to hint that this was
the case. Well, them, if so, our disagreement is not all that
big. Anyway, in my few months on the Net, I've learned to suspect
suppression motives behind such postings which people have
taken the trouble to make without even saying anything on the
subjects at hand, only (ostensibly) complaining about "volume"

You post your posts and I'll post mine, OK?

Mh, re-reading what you wrote, I see that you do make a
comment on the *contents* of those postings of mine: They're
just "useless", you say. So I still suspect you of being a
very Rightist person indeed. Now there are two postings of yours
supporting such a suspicion. Still not many, but the future
probably will show whether I've misjudged you or not.

Rolf M.

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