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Sun Jun 2 14:05:47 MDT 1996

On evolution, Henwood wrote:

>At 7:40 PM 6/2/96, Robert Malecki wrote:

>>Martens are you stupid? The origins of Stalinist Jew baiting is exactly what
>>you are doing again! Malignki and Trotskyite are the origins of Stalinst jew
>>baiting of the old man himself you idiot..But of corse you would not
>>understand that your Trotskyite song is just an echo of the Stalinist jew
>>baiting smear campaign against Trotsky. You have just inherited from you
>Exchanges like this are enough to shake one's faith in evolution.

That depends on who "one" is. All new species or sub-species haven't
been good ones, that's precisely why they didn't survive. Here we
have a new "theory species", Malignki's stating that "combating
Trotskyism equals anti-semitism". In today's hard and harsh
surroundings, will it survive a week? I on my part find such
theories rather boring in themselves, but in this case, the
inventor is rather closely connected to a (still) important target
for attack by the Marxists, that (OK, OK, likewise boring) "Qu/
Ccumber" thing.

You, Henwood, found my postings on the important political issues of
today's massive reactionary "green" warfare by the main bourgeois
forces just something "useless". The postings of a more "infighting"
sort of character you don't seem to like either. "Theory no good,
wrangling neither." (It was Mao Zedong who said thar "Marxism is a
wrangling ism".)  What more "left" "business" could there really
be to "observe" or take part in?

Rolf M.

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