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In the front page of today's edition of The Sunday Times - Murdoch's
flagship highbrow scandal sheet - comes a very interesting story which
throws some light both into the current workings of imperialism and the
Balthazar's feast of the Fujimori fascist dictatorship which draining white
the economy of the Peruvian people.

David Leppard and Tim Kelsey report:

"Prince Michael of Kent (cousin of Queen Elizabeth II) has received
thousands of pounds from an American public relations company in a deal to
win the firm clients by exploiting his royal title".

"The Prince agreed to use government departments and embassies to attract
business to the firme, according to documents seen by The Sunday Times".

"It has emerged that the PR company paid for the prince to go on an official
Royal visit to Peru in 1994"

"Prince Michael was hired by Burston-Marsteller, the American PR giant, in
1994 after he proposed to the firm to host a series of lunches.  Guests were
not to be told that the prince was being paid £3,500 for each occasion".

"Burston-Marsteller documents show that the firm wanted to keep its
relationship with the Queen's cousin confidential".

"One memo stated: "Prince Michael confirmed that for a fee he is prepared to
host receptions, luncheons and dinners both in the UK and overseas and
travel abroad to host others".

"Through his office he can invite some of the most important figures from
public and private life, and from government to the public sector in the
world. Fertile ground for new business".

"In another memo Peter Himler, a senior Burston-Marsteller executive in
America, wrote:  "As many of you know, B-M (Burston-Marsteller)London has
established a working relationship with the British Royal Family, in
particular with HRH Prince Michael of Kent.  If you would like to offer your
clients an opportunity to meet and dine with HRH Prince Michael please
contact me".

"Other documents show that the public relations firm set much of Prince
Michael's itinerary for his official visit to Peru in 1994 and secured a
lucrative contract from the Peruvian government".

In its "IN FOCUS" section, page 12, under the headline "Rich Pickings of a
Pauper Prince",  "The Sunday Times" goes on:

"Her Majesty was not amused.  Dressing for dinner on board the Royal Yacht
Britannia as it lay at anchor in the Caribbean on a state visit to the West
Indies, the Queen was watching American television with growing alarm".

"It was March 1994 and she had tuned to Larry King Live, a popular chat show
broadcast worldwide on CNN.  King's guest was Prince Michael of Kent, who
calls the Queen "my senior cousin".  The prince was using the programme to
extol the merits of a mail-order business selling House of Windsor souvenirs".

"The Prince..... made such a bizarre spectacle that critics of the royal
family laughingly likened him to a travelling salesman.........." The Queen
by all accounts was dismayed. ........ The critics were asking .....whether
he had acted as a royal-for-hire".

"Prince Michael George Charles Franklin was born in 1942, a month before his
father, the Duke of Kent and youngest son of George V, died in a plane
crash..... He was educated at Eton and Sandhurst, and then joined the Royal
Hussars.  After 20 years in the army and a brief stint as a rally driver,
Prince Michael entered the ranks of the unemployed.  As the second son of
the Duke of Kent he has never been eligible for the civil list, which
disperses public money to senior royals. His final salary as a soldier had
been little more than £ 11,000 earning him the sobriquet of "the pauper prince".

"For years royal commentators have been baffled by how Prince and Princess
Michel make ends meet.  As well as their grace and favour apartment in
Kensignton Palace, they maintain a fine 8 bedroom country home in
Gloucestershire.  The prince is an accomplished horseman and avid motorist
enthusiast with a passion for veteran cars; the princess dresses and
entertains lavishly, living in such grand style that the Queen is famously
rumoured to have remarked once that she was more royal than the rest of the

"Some of their money is believed to have been beqeuathed by Lord
Mountbatten. Some may have come from the Queen, who has been known to bail
out her less well-off relatives when they were short of cash. "One just
pressumes they've got money" said a friend last week.  "There are a lot of
sycophants who are only too pleased to pay for them".

"He (Prince Michael) is said ..... to have volunteered his influence with
British government departments and overseas embassies to procure access to
potential clients". 


"The Sunday Times" continues: "The Leaf memo also reveals that the public
relations company also managed to make money out of an official royal visit
paid by the prince to Peru later that year (1994)". "It has paid off in one
way" Leaf wrote in the memo. "He (the prince) has agreed and has the
palace's approval to go to Peru.  We will be assigned by the Peruvian
government to accompany him as a special project. I would envision that this
will lead to £ 15.000 - £ 20,000 in income for us".

The Sunday Times also carries a photograph of the horse loving prince - who
bears a striking Victorian look ressembling Edward VII when Prince of Wales
- astride one of those famed Peruvian "paso horses" and dressed in the garb
of a South American "hacendado" (feudal landowner).

However, as with all "pie in the sky" dealings involving the Fujimori
regime, the happy royal jaunt appears to have hitch the usual
"post-operative" problems. Prince Michael's Private secretary, John Kennedy,
is reported by The Sunday Times to have written, using Kensington Palace
official note paper, and dated December 2 1994, to Mr Leaf, an executive
with Marston-Burstellers, to complain in the following terms:  ".... the
cheque for the air tickets to Peru would be greatly appreciated since this
is now overdue for payment".     


It is evident that the Fujimori regime, during 1994, was in dire need to
take advantage of the capture of Chairman Gonzalo and the "peace agreement
plot" to try to win an image of stability with the aim of impressing
international finance.  

Besides, Fujimori is known to have "monarchical" inclinations of his own and
a pretty heavy chip on his shoulder as well.  Therefore, what could a few
million in lucrative contracts mean to this "pauper Shogun" in order to have
the good looking replica of Edward VII sit at his table, especially when the
fees would be paid by the public purse?

Peruvian internal bourgeois public opinion needed reassurance too that the
country was not becoming increasingly isolated due to the malodorous
reputation of the drug dealing and criminal dictatorship.  The repression of
the people needed to be papered over with a Ruritanian show of majestical
proportions. A golden opportunity too for the "chat show pauper prince-cum
travelling salesman" and his hungry public relations agents.  

Moreover, Fujimori, who thinks of himself rather as a "genius", must have
also been extremely pleased to have snookered so many balls with one cue.
Today, of course, like we have always predicted, the gild is peeling off
just like it does from each and everyone of his gimmicks!.  The Queen is not
amused. The Prince himself is so little amused that is dodging the press.
Public opinion in Britain is not amused.  The monarchy suffers a further
blow to its reeling prestige.  And more to the point, the City of London,
which was already not amused at the "economic performance" of its
investments in Peru, is now quite positively fuming with British contempt!.
Talk about being hoisted with one's own petard! A true Fujimori style
"delayed action" disaster for everyone concerned, even for those then
laughing all the way to the bank!.


Some of the list members may have noticed it.  Others not so much. However,
among his innumerable "charges" against me "quispe" kept ranting about a
letter that Queen Elizabeth II is suppossed to have written to me.
Obviously, as with everything that individual fabricates, there is a "pinch"
of truth to this incident, which I feel now, that victory has been secured,
would neatly tie up with the above story to draw some revolutionary lessons,
as well as to give credit to a very deserving and deeply missed comrade of
ours for a couple of stratagems worthy of a proletarian Odysseus.  That will
be the theme of the second part of this posting:


Adolfo Olaechea


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