Angledust! The great Stalin and his guardian angels...

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Jun 2 15:44:03 MDT 1996

Dear List,

I find it very interesting in the resurrection attempts by Martens and charlotte
of Stalin. Naturally with Godena standing in the wings as a cheer leader.

Obviously, trying to convince the masses that good old joe wasn,t so bad
after all might be a difficult task even for these people.

But, perhaps in your new solidarity committee the slogan; Lone live the
revolution in Peru under under the teachings of Comade G, Mao, and Joe
Stalin will show the way forward.

Perhaps that should be front page headlines in the next issue of  El Diario..

You know that would be much better then the front page of the Red Flag you
critisize. Why i bet the workers in England and the states and Malmo will
just come rushing up to buy a copy.. Without state power anywhere you can,t
afford to give them away any more..

However, it is interesting that and attempt at least on this list to clean
up Stalins act is even being made. I have always known that the various
activists on the list who proclaim there great proletarian heros, usually do
or did it when these people had state power and lots of money to pump into
there organisations. Sort of like whip cream on the cake to back up just
about any political turn neccessary to enforce the present line of
"socialim" in one country.

How will it go for the resurrectors without the party and great leader in
power, and without a revolutionary line.

 Go  try to build a party on the slogan.

History has shown us that Stalin was only 30% bad, the rest is trotskyist
counter revolutionary propaganda..

Stayed tuned to the local channel for the continuing exciting adventure of

Stalin rising from the dead with and angels glowring around his head as the
Charlottes and martens of the world whisle "Happy days are here again" while
Godena cheers them on..

In order to do this hat trick it will take the gigantic bureaucracy of a
deformed workers state gutted by executions of the old Bolsheviks to put him
back on the alter again..

Christ, with those kind of perspectives i guess you people are really

malecki in exile..

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