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              NF: The New Flag (MMP-USA)
              SR: Sol Rojo (MPP-Europe)

                   (Part 1 of 2)

1) NF: what is the purpose in publishing Sol Rojo?

SR: Sol Rojo is the systematic publication of the documents of
the Party with the goal of stimulating study among the
sympathizers of the PCP and the People's War. Sol Rojo
facilitates the study of the line of the PCP and allows the
participation of the masses in the publication of the writings of
President Gonzalo in volumes.  In addition, in light of the
documents and directives of the Party on actual deeds developing
in the world, we will add to our publication a section named
"This Week."

2) NF: How does SR see the current level of development of the
People's War?

SR: The People's War is in the stage of the Strategic Equilibrium
which means the preparation of the strategic offensive through
the Building of the Conquest of Power, which is being achieved by
building apparatuses superior to the reactionary ones.  In this
way, the Party, the Army and the Front capable of successfully
carrying forward the insurrections which will carry out the
estrategic offensive, the stretch of the People's War.  This is
because in Peru we are living in a revolutionary situation
of growing development that goes towards a revolutionary crisis,
in Lenin's words, or towards a revolutionary summit in Chairman
Mao's words.  The People's War fosters this summit, it brings it
ever closer to the extent that it advances util it finally
reaches three conditions. First, the reactionaries are incapable
of ruling. Second, revisionism and opportunism lose their
influence before the  masses. Third the masses follow the Party.
In analyzing the two adversaries, we see that the reactionaries
are increasing their fragmentation daily, they have not achieved
the restructuring of their State, economically their neoliberal
program has failed and the People's War has broken through all
the barriers they have built and defeated all hoaxes.  The most
important thing is that the Party firmly cohesive around the
Basis of Party Unity (BUP), it has swept away the Right
Opportunist Line (ROL) and purged it.

The reactionaries themselves admit this.  Today, actions are ever
higher with the participation of ever greater contingents:
batallions and regiments, as well as the use of modern weapons
and a military strengthening.  Similarly, the New Power in its
six forms are expanding, at the same time, they increase their
relative stability.  All of this has led to the appearance in
recent months of publications around the world that talk about
Fujimori's failure and the advance of the People's War, for
example in the Yankee magazine Newsweek, which dedicates two
pages to comment on "The Return of Sendero Luminoso."

3) NF. How has the MPP-Europe handled the "Peace Accords" hoax?

Several months before the erruption of the hoax, the revisionists
began to get out of hand in Europe, for example in the case where
they published a flyer titled "No to the death penalty", in which
they tacitly called for participation in the plebiscite of 1993
with pacifist arguments, denoting revisionist criteria with
respect to the State.  The revisionists did not imagine that the
Party would respond so rapidly when the hoax came out.  These
wretched traitors had planned to make their revisionist positions
public on December 18 at the Conference to celebrate the Mao
Centennial in Frankfurt.  But the Party issued the International
Directive unmasking the revisionists in Stockholm in their own
homes and to publically unmask them in every place they appeared,
that's the way it was done.  Later on were held five conferences
in which the hoax and the right opportunists positions were
crushed.  These conferences carried out to Defend the Life of
President Gonzalo and to Celebrate the Mao Centennial, a firm
position was taken on the BUP and on the documents of the Second
Plenum and the latest PCP documents, to be followed by collective

4) NF: What does SR think of the role played by El Diario
Internacional (EDI) of Arce Borja in the support movement to the
People's War?

SR: First we must clearly establish that EDI is not the voice of
the PCP, and as such it expresses only the personal positions of
its editor Luis Arce Borja (LAB) and that at this point its
positions are opposed to the Party's; not only that but it splits
the international support to the People's War.  With respect to
the criticism that EDI makes of RIM, it must be said that these
are only its own Rightist and liquidationist criteria that denote
a profound lack of understanding of Marxism and the Party
documents, especially those of the Third Plenum, which LAB
considers "spurious."  This so-called defender of the Peruvian
revolution has never been a PCP militant, and today some of his
acolytes brand him as "the most advanced Maoist outside Peru."
EDI criticizes RIM for its delay in taking a position against the
hoax, but it does not do so from a correct position or argument
but uses this as a warhorse to struggle for a split and to
cover-up its own dirty trick of not condemning the ideological
bases of the Right Opportunist Line (ROL) to date.  To date there
is not one criticism, one condemnation, nor anything against the
ROL Line.  Now, regarding his methods, they are clearly those of
a journalist of the old type.  The ROL, by reneging the the Basis
of Party Unity, has split to enlist itself into the genocidal
ranks of the enemy which seeks to annihilate the People's War by
internationally spreading a capitulationist-revisionist line with
a feudal, imperialist line.  What has this bitter intellecualoid
done to date about this?  Not one single line.  Worse than this,
EDI denies and reneges and screams himself hoarse that no, no,
and no there is no ROL, those who say there is a ROL "wish to
present the idea that the Party is on the verge of destruction."
Three years has elapsed, and instead of condemning and sweeping
away the ROL, what he does is to subterfuge, what is happening is
that Arce Borja expresses his convergences with the ROL more and
more.  We ask, who is Arce Borja that he dares "to lecture" the
PCP, to use its name to intrigue, slander, denounce and foster
splits left and right?  And he is still trying to do it by
convoking a "world mobilization."  Led by whom?  By a MPP-Belgium
(spitters), Comite Sol Peru or Olaechea and EDI.

5) NF: How do you interpret the attacks by El Diario
Internacional against supposedly "imposters" and the
denunciations against "traffickers" and the denunciations against
those who have not distributed his articles containing such

SR: These are schemes, intrigues and calumny with the aim of
mudslinging. For example, his intrigues against the Berlin
conference held last year were widely repudiated. THis was the
great international conference to close the campaign to celebrate
the Mao's Centennary.  The article "The Impostors" in which he
lies and slanders and accuses in the most vile and miserable
way, was done in order to split and "justify the split" of the
MPP which he seeks to "legitimize" by a convocation of his
"international mobilization" subscribed by himself.  How can this
be?  Didn't he say just recently there was no MPP in Europe?
Then, now is clear that by appearing as MPP-Belgium his purpose
is to split.

6) NF: How do you think that those who support the People's War
and have taken a stand against the "peace accords" can organize
internationally given the level of dissent many of them have with
the IEC and Co-RIM?

To crush and sweep away the hoax is necessary but not sufficient,
it is more important to crush and sweep away the ideological
bases of the ROL.  To say that letters and documents have been
written by imperialism and is a purely "a police operation"
negates that there is a ROL, which is to conceal the ROL.  In
order to build the conquest of Power, the task is to sweep away
the ROL and purge the Party, and the current offensive of the
People's War implies that this task has being completed

Abroad, what is needed is to demarcate and sweep away the ROL to
serve the People's War more and better, generate favorable
international public opinion, creating apparatuses superior to
those of the reactionaries.  It is an urgent necessity to be
guided by what the Party has established and above all else to
adhere to principles and on this basis under Maoism to support
the People's War in Peru and similarly to others, for example the
People's War in Nepal

9) NF: What role does the MPP-Europe play in the world
mobilization commission proposed by Arce's Diario Internacional?

SR: We must struggle for Maoism to be the command and guide of
the world proletarian revolution, in this case we must struggle
to unite under Maoism, which implies leaving no free space for
whoever distorts the line of the Party for his personal gain.  In
this case it is clear that Arce Borja profits with the revolution
because he is an individual who seeks fame and personal success.
We must apply what Chairman Mao says about working for unity and
not for splits, to not plot intrigues and machinations, to treat
the disease to save the patient, and in many cases know how to
unite with those who criticise us.

10) NF: What are the most urgent tasks today for those who
support the People's War?

SR: - spread and seek support for the People's War
    - aid in the development of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist
      parties to lead the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian
    - serve the International Communist Movement, and within
      this, develop the RIM.

11) NF: Arce's Diario Internacional says there is a parallel MPP
in Malmo-Sweden, what is your opinion on this?

SR: Arce Borja is very fond of this "parallel" business, such as
his "world mobilization" (led by him).  His problem is that his
touchstone for distinguishing his friends from enemies is his
Diario Internacional.  Thus, for him whoever supports his
"Diario" is a Marxist, and whoever doesn't is a revisionist,
trafficker, impostor, even an agent.

May 1996.

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