Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sun Jun 2 16:32:07 MDT 1996

Louis: There was no planning under Stalin. There was simply fiat. He
actually purged the ministry of planning when his own hand-picked
statisticians and economists came up with a initial 5-year plan that was
not aggressive enough. Central planning is absolutely necessary or else we
are doomed. The purpose of central planning is not to figure out how to
satisfy consumer demand with the sexiest automobile. It is rather to help
rationally balance the needs of humanity against nature in a ecologically
sustainable manner. I am perhaps the only "green" on the face of the
planet who is opposed to "bioregionalism" and who favors central planning
and the maximum use of technology, including computers.

I expect others to come around sooner or later.

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, cwellen wrote:

>       Most economic enterprises should be run by the workers themselves
> democratically.  There should be a maximization of democracy both in the
> workplace and in government.  Central planning (in the Stalinist or
> Brezhnevist mode) is inadvisable, since it leads inevitably to greater
> concentrations of power in fewer and fewer hands.  Computers will not
> change this.  The social, political, and economic structures themselves
> must be made accountable to working people who run them, and accountable
> to outside scrutiny, where the public interest is concerned (which is
> nearly always, in any significant venture).

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