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Sun Jun 2 19:25:47 MDT 1996

Hello Adolfo & Ken,

It seems you now are carrying the criticism to even higher
cultural levels:

>>Adolfo writes:
>>> Do you remember what Groucho Marx used to say about textile materials?
>>> "Never mind the quality, feel the width....."?
>>Laugh! I love the Groucho quote... any idea where that is from? Which

>Maybe it is from an "Exclusive Interview To The "Marx Brothers" in Sweden"
>(Sol Rojo) a film directed by Ingemar "Luis" Quispelund.
>Seriously:  Probably from a Day at The Races.

I like that swipe at not only TP etc but Mr Ingemar B. the "Great
Film Director" too. He was a Nazi, you know, at least in his youth,
and his things in general, thogh perhaps clever, do have a nasty
Rightist stench about them. Quispelund's film manuscript roughly
would suit that director, I believe, but I don't have the contacts
necessary to forward the idea that he actually make something
out of it. And there's nobody here who could make a Marx Brothers
movie of it either. There thus is great risk that it will soon
be forgotten completely, together with Ingemar "Luis" himself.

Rolf M.

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