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>But then, it would be better if you were a little more open and
>aboveboard, Gina.
 Gee, Rolfie, but I get tendonitis if I pound away at the keyboard as
much as you do! Sometimes I just have to give it a rest!

>You should more clearly say what's really on your
>mind, namely:
>"Long live Avakian, Malignki, 'Quispe' and their ilk!". Don't forget
>their "soulmates" the Gang of Four either - on the tape I already
>promised to send you you'll hear the "Internationale" in the language
>in which it was sung against them on the Tiananmen on 5 April 1976.

I'm still waiting for the tape, Rolf.  And, you err greatly by putting
in the mix up there.  Sorry, but you don't have a leg to stand on in trying
to paint me as a disciple of Little Bobby A.  I once was, true, but then
you yourself accepted a position of responsibility in an organization led
by him and his line, so, as we say here in Gringo-land, people in glass
houses shouldn't throw stones.  We all change and develop with the
years, and change our affiliations as things get clearer to us through
study, and particularly thru practice .

>I've had the (sad) opportunity of seeing people go the way that
>you're going now, many times already. I still dislike it. In
>your case more than in some others, since that contact which I,
>initially, got through you, around last New Year, to the Peru
>Support Committee in Detroit, has been and still is an important
>one to me. But then your postings started getting worse and worse,
>above all by avoiding the concrete issues and hitting at people
>from "ambush" positions.

Excuse me, could you elaborate?  What concrete issues have I
avoided?  What constitutes an "ambush" position in an e-mail

>My theory about "your" particular kind of opportunists is that they
>above all feel a need to be patted on the backs. They look around
>to see where such patting might be coming from and find certain
>forces which are good at beating the drums for themselves as
>"the really strong ones" - but this "happens" to be because they
>have the (more or less secret) backing of the imperialists.

Gee, what about those who beg the imperialists for favors?  Better
election methods; a "real" choice to keep nuclear energy for the
masses in imperialist Sweden--to deposit the lethal waste in what
third world country?  To sicken how many uranium miners? To risk
massive destruction how many times?

>To think, to take up positions that may sometimes appear
>difficult and perhaps aren't supported by so many at the beginning,
>that's not what your kind of persons like. But that's what's
>necessary for the revolution.

Hmmm....It looks to me like that's exactly what I'm doing right
here on this list--taking a position that perhaps isn't supported
by so many--or I guess that doesn't count in your book, huh?

>Luis G. made a criticism of you yesterday; it IMO was good except for
>- perhaps - one thing: He suggested you make use of your experiance
>after 10 years in the "RCP". I on my part have noted several times,
>here in Sweden, that those vile phoney organizations of that type are
>giving people exactly the wrong "upbringing", "teaching" them to be
>dishonest, etc. So I would suggest instead that you make an effort
>to "throw off" those years, in certain respects at least.That is,
>if you don't want to turn into a die-hard Avakian-"Quispe"-ist but
>could imagine breaking with that nasty "ideological current". But
>you'll not make such a break, will you?

I hate to break it to you, Rolfie baby, but that "ideological current"
was thrown off quite some time ago.  You don't know the half of it.
But I didn't throw off "Avakianism" to take up Evelyn Reedism (on the
woman quesiton) or pro-nuclearism, or anti-"Gang-of-Four"-ism, or
any of those other crazy ideological currents you're into.

And, frankly, if you think Quispe and Avakian have anything in
common, you haven't been paying attention to reality, you've only
been soaking up internet prose.

>May you long stay with us (alongside your present masters and allies)
>as another teacher by negative example, if nothing else!

Gee, how many times do I get this honor?

Gina/ Detroit

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