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In a message dated 96-06-01 Adolfo writes:

>>From this struggle it will arise a new unity, a unity of words and deeds
>that would exclude the windbags and the slogan mongers, as well as enemy
>agents, but if nothing is one sided, and indeed everything has many sides or
>aspects, there is also a question of the principal aspect of each
>contradiction.  And in this particular one, the principal aspect is to draw
>clear lines of distinction and make clean breaks with the shortcomings of a
>whole era in the affairs of the international solidarity with the People's
>War in Peru.

Well, on this we certainly agree.  The difference between us is that
we define different persons and forces differently with respect to who
are "the windbags and the slogan mongers, as well as enemy agents".
>We have indeed, and other comrades have done this more and better than me,
>attempted to struggle with the "middle forces" in a friendly fashion in this
>occassion too, as difficult as this has proven to be given the nature of the

Yes siree, Mr. Oleachea's reputation for friendly fashion of struggle
is legendary, to say the least!

>In Gina's case, which is the subject of this mailer, this is proven to be to
>no avail, and most comrades have now come to that conclussion too, as I can
>see from the latests postings.  Therefore I propose we sever all relations
>with her as well in an organised and disciplined fashion.

Well, you promised this a while ago; I'm still waiting, your honor.
>We have indeed already achieved great victory in this struggle.  Indeed we
>have carried out a REAL OFFENSIVE against a wily hidden agent of the enemy
>within his own territory and guiding ourselves by communist principles,
>given tit-for-tat without in any way falling to the gutter level where they
>continously want to drag us.  Most people have already taken clear positions
>including Matt and the Australian clone of Avakian.  The middle ground is no
>longer there, either to be won or lost, and only enemies remain at the other

So...are you saying that Matt and our Aussie comrade are on my side or yours?

>It may appear that we have only made little headway since forces appear to
>be even.  But this is only Internet, the forte of our enemy which has
>bourgeois resources on his side.

Here again there is agreement

>  However all the good people, the sincere
>people, have fully realised the character of this unprincipled gang,
>including many new friends, while all the stated goals - that he, like the
>fox that could not reach the grapes, no longer remembers (or wnats to
>remember) - which "Quispe" set himself at the beginning have been utterly
>lost to him without us in any way having had to accomodate anybody or pander
>or bargain with them at all.
Huh??!! What, exactly, are you trying to say in this mishmash of words???

>So, here we started with no "internet cadres" at all - it was an un-intended
>visit to this list what drove me here.  I had no plans to have a fight
>either with the subscribers of this list or with Quispe, since I was
>completely unaware of the extent of his hostility to Arce Borja or to
>myself, as were indeed too the best part of his own initial supporters.
>Today we have established relations and the prospects for real solidarity
>work for the peruvian revolution in the USA have opened up, judging by
>Comrade Godenas latest information as to the establishment of a regular
>mechanism of distribution for El Diario Internacional in that country.
>There is already a cadre base for the work of the forecoming World
>Mobilisation Commission in the USA nearly a full month  from the OFFICIAL
>LAUNCH DATE FOR THE CALL!.  In fact, El Diario Internacional has announced
>it but the OFFICIAL DOCUMENT will only be published in June.

So, like, get going you guys...It's already been TWO months since the
WMC was first posted here...

>It is good that this initiative is been gestated in the midst of struggle in
>an open forum such as this one.  WE have also won important friends among
>people who are not Maoists in this list, while our enemies have only won
>themselves the support of those who viscerally hate Maoism and can only be
>expected to support any revolution at the point of a dagger in the back.

Speak for yourself, Adolfo.  You who are SUCH a perfect judge of who
does "viscerally hate Maoism" and who does not.

>Good luck to them in the same desolate trenches.  Our gains are 500% and
>more, while the enemies losses are close to 100% in support from genuine
>people.  But what is most important, we have succeeded in drawing a clear
>line of distinction, isolating and disorganising the encirclement the enemy
>was preparing against us, and driven them to reveal their true colours and
>allegiances in such a fashion as to make it impossible for them to make any
>head way in their foolish attempts.  Even Ms. Gina has paid us the
>compliment of mimicking our chosen "moniker" for "Quispe" (Chucky) and
>everyone knows that imitation is the SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY, and that,
>coming from a Jesuit like Gina, proves indeed the extent to which we have
>driven the nails into the coffin of this hare-brained rabble and really hit
>home with our barbs.

And, I see you repay me the favor, Mr. Oleachea Sir, with your lovely
flattering prose.  Much obliged! But really, I was SO hoping for something
more visceral, like maybe at least one "BLACK VOMIT" slam.

>If this is not in keeping with the spirit of the Strategic offensive of the
>World Revolution, what else can it be?

It's very interesting that this cardinal principle of the PCP's general line,

this central theme of Gonzalo Thought, is given NO attention in its own
right, but is simply alluded to in this off-handed way. This concept, that
the World Revolution is at the stage of STRATEGIC OFFENSIVE, was
the original line question that the remaining members of the Peru
Support Committee/ Detroit disagreed with.  This aspect of Gonzalo
Thought and the line of the PCP clearly is not, then, a point of unity
among the supporters of the WMC.

>There is indeed a great deal to be done as yet too, since the real struggle
>to make true the brilliant prospects this struggle has opened up, can only
>be won each and every day and the struggle goes on.  We have done struggle
>and in the process destroyed a nasty plot and left it in tatters.

...And, this "nasty plot" was to.....??????

>Now we
>have to prove ourselves in the struggle to construct, both here in Internet
>- which has its specific features - and in the ground where other methods
>apply.  I will be submitting ideas in that respect during the next few days,
>as should all our comrades with whom this victory has been won together.

We're waiting, we're waiting!!!!
>Long Live the People's War in Peru!
>Long Live the World Proletarian Revolution!
>Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
>Long Live Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Communist Party of Peru!
>Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!
>Long Live the International Proletariat!

>Combat and Resist!

My apologies for that last bit of editing, but I had to return the favor
that Mr. O paid in his part one of this post:

>"They negate Gonzalo Thought, the People's War, the World
>Revolution, the New Era, and the Great Campaign to Defend
>the Life of Chairman Gonzalo"
>"In essence, they defend the rotten feudal-imperialist ideology".

This is a quote from the PCP document of 1-12-93, "International
Directive of the Communist Party of Peru to the MPP".  The part
missing here is: "...Gonzalo, that are unbreakably linked to the
celebration of Mao's centennial.  They deny the DEVELOPMENT
IN THE WORLD. In essence....."  (emphasis added: in other words,
much as Mr. O wants to duck the issue, the PCP in this document
is upholding the RIM [as distinct from CoRIM])

Gina/ Detroit

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