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> >We have indeed already achieved great victory in this struggle.  Indeed we
> >have carried out a REAL OFFENSIVE against a wily hidden agent of the enemy
> >within his own territory and guiding ourselves by communist principles,
> >given tit-for-tat without in any way falling to the gutter level where they
> >continously want to drag us.  Most people have already taken clear positions
> >including Matt and the Australian clone of Avakian.  The middle ground is no
> >longer there, either to be won or lost, and only enemies remain at the other
> >side.
> So...are you saying that Matt and our Aussie comrade are on my side or yours?
	"Australian clone of Avakian"..... why does Olaechea, MIM and the
supporters of the "World Mobilisation" rush to slander anyone who
expresses disagreement with them and support for The New Flag?

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