Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Jun 3 02:22:59 MDT 1996

>Louis: Have you returned just to be obnoxious to other socialists? Is this
>supposed to break people away from politics you disagree with? I have no
>idea why you work so hard to make people hate you. There is enough
>bitterness and recrimination on the list in the course of normal debate to
>keep everybody's bile working overtime, so why do you set yourself to the
>task of just provoking people in an apolitical manner. Our enemy is not
>the Communist Party, it is the capitalist class.
Hi Louis,

I was wondering when you would turn up. But haven,t you got it a little
backwards. Actually Charlotte started this thread with a provacation about
the resurrection of Stalin in the American CP. Including  a backhanded
defense of the murder of Trotsky.

It is not just a spur of the moment that this stuff is beginning to appear
on the list. The Stalinists well know who the real political opponents are
both on this list and in reality outside of this list. It is a struggle
which has been going on for many years. But there is a big difference now.
They have no state power to back them up any longer.

However these attacks will probably grow in the future. The political
turmoil on this list unifies only those who can use slander and use good old
Joe has a resurrected angel to come to their rescue.

Your attitude of being friends and nice guys unfortunately will not change
that there is a real struggle going on here. Sorry if you missed it and get
caught up in polemical style.

malecki in exile..

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