Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Jun 3 02:58:02 MDT 1996

>	"Australian clone of Avakian"..... why does Olaechea, MIM and the
>supporters of the "World Mobilisation" rush to slander anyone who
>expresses disagreement with them and support for The New Flag?
>__________________  ~C  Canberra/Australia
Because he is desperate. His great victory is putting is egotistical
adventurist fake solidarity dreams in Europe and Sweden under the mantle of
his crown, which is the real goal of this crowd has nothing to do with the
plitical line of the PCP. It is a power play on the organisational structure
of solidarity organisations and he thinks that slander will make him king of
the mountain and at this point Martens as the Viceroy!

malecki in exile...

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