Cuba and worker's commune

Adam Rose adam at
Mon Jun 3 06:57:53 MDT 1996

>  >> But my criterion for socialism is simple, "socialism == workers power == a
> commune state" <<Adam Rose
>  Jon Flanders:
>   Have you read Marta Harnecker's book on the People's Power electoral system
> in Cuba?

No, I haven't. Of course, it I am not going to argue that bourgeois
democracy gives the people any real democratic control.

But your exert reminds me of descriptions of how happy people were
in Stalinist Russia. This also had an excellent consitution on paper.

Perhaps Louis could help me here, and explain why he doesn't think
Cuba is a socialist democracy !

You mention some problems in Cuban society. Do you think these problems
can be solved by the workers using the existing state in their own
interest ? Or does the existing state have to replaced ?

And are / were the USSR / GDR / China / North Korea also workers states ?
If only some of the above, what distinguishes those that are from those
that aren't,  or, if none of them are, all of them from Cuba.

And how do you explain that fact that the working class did not take the
lead role in constructing a workers state ? That the party which lead the
revolution did not openly explain that it was in favour of a workers state
during the revolution ?

If you arguing that this is a workers state, it's almost as if it came
about by accident, without the working class and without a Marxist Party.


Adam Rose


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