Time to 'pretty up' the fascist

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Mon Jun 3 11:03:15 MDT 1996

Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, articulate murderer of Palestinians and hard-line
Likud fascist,  has "won" the Zionist "elections", though by a razor-thin
majority.    International capital is nervous.    With Netanyahu saying in
public what they dare to hope or utter only among themselves, they are
"concerned" that the bogus Agreement of September 1993 will be thrown out
the window.    Their stooge Arafat is wiping his brow.    Christopher looks
perplexed; the masses are restless.

Time now for "best face forward" articles about the fascist.   His deeds of
'heroic' derring-do.   His sexual conquests, and lovable boy-next-door
mannerisms, his "pragmatism" (always a useful word in "prettying up"
repugnant fascist swine).    The capitalist press--from the Wall Street
Journal to Financial Times, to the Times of London and New York, all have
"Man in the News" articles about the new fascist hero ["Life and death
decisions of a former commando" by Julian Ozanne in Weekend FT is typical of
this avalanche].

What's next?   A cookbook?   Video?   Movie contract?    Hardly.    Look in
the darkened corner to see what follows; yes, an intensification of the
suffering of the swindled Palestinians; more detentions, more homes
demolished to make room for "returnees" from Odessa and Brooklyn, more
"accidental" shootings of nine year old children, more broken fingers, more
informers,  more murder,  more terror,  more "peace".

Stay tuned.

                            Louis Godena

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