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Matt D. afn02065 at
Mon Jun 3 11:59:31 MDT 1996

My amigo Boddhi wrote:

>Louis is right and you are a hopeless liberal.

It is perhaps an index of the tension that's existed on the list lately
that when I first read this I actually got *angry*!  "Call me a @#$%
liberal, huh, you @#$%!!!"  Whew!  Anyway, took a second to self-
administer some of the reality checks I've started carrying with me
and now I can appreciate the humor, yes?

>Marsalis is a
>museum curator who should stick to playing Bach (at which he is great),

Indeed!  *Baroque Duets* w/ Kathy Battle gets a regular workout on
my CD player.  Is it true that all leftists like baroque music?  Is it true
that Kate B. is married?

>or at the very least, other peoples' music.  It's not that his music is so
>bad, it's just morbid.

What can I tell you?  I also am sometimes a bit morbid.  Indeed,
morbidity seems to me a very rational way to engage some
aspects of the current cultural scene.

>If you actually watch Univision for long enough, you will see some
>salsa that can even get white people moving.

A million monkeys w/ a million typewriters and a million years -- I might
get a line of Shakespear.  That doesn't make it worth the effort, does
it?  I'll stick to Afro-Pop Worldwide.

-- Mr. Kathleen Battle... whoops! I was daydreaming again... Matt D.

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