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Hi Gina!  I think Godenas is right about the first
appearance of the WMC.  Here is the post from the
M-list where it first came over.  I affixed our
Committee's endoresment with the Date of April 6
When we sent it back and began posting it in the
newsgroups   -Jay

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Dear comrades and supporters of the People's War in Peru.  Friends and true
democrats.  Please receive and distribute the following document after
appending your signatures (whether organisationally or in a personal capacity).

Adolfo Olaechea
on behalf of
Sol-Peru Committee - London



The undersigned reaffirm our most fervent support and solidarity with
the victorious People's War that the Communist Party of Peru is
leading since 1980.  We are convinced that the Peruvian revolution is
a first class contribution to the world proletarian revolution.  The
armed struggle taking place in Peru is an example of true combat
against imperialism and revisionism. And in this context,  we salute
the great revolutionary condition and the fundamental role of Chairman

Gonzalo, the leader of the PCP and the revolution.

Since 1993, the Peruvian regime in cahoots with US imperialism has
intensified  their misinformation campaign against the People's War,
against the PCP, and  against Chairman Gonzalo.  The
counter-revolutionary objective is to isolate the  Peruvian revolution
and create the conditions for their commission of barbarous
crimes against the war prisoners, and to be able to destroy entire
populations in order to kill in mass the militants and supporters of
the revolution.  This is a Psycho-social warfare strategy in which
they have enlisted the support of capitulationists, infiltrated agents
and groups and personalities disguised as "revolutionaries" and "big
time Maoists".

The present political situation, at the national and international
level,  compels all who are truly willing to lend their militant
solidarity with the  Peruvian revolutionaries, to unify our efforts
under the common objective of defending the Peruvian revolution from
the imperialist onslaught, and the  activities of revisionism and

With this aim in mind, we submit the following document to your


The forces of imperialism, revisionism and opportunism, have, in
various occasions and using multiple strategies, attempted to destroy
and wipe out all traces of good will towards the People's War and the
Communist Party of Peru  (PCP). In order to succeed, a revolutionary
process needs favourable public opinion, and concretely, it needs a
movement of support and solidarity from the  revolutionary
organisations and parties, as Chairman Gonzalo has already noted.
This is one of the reasons why the enemies of the Peruvian revolution
have  dedicated ample resources to the infiltration and undermining
the support movement for the Peruvian revolution.  In foreign
countries, a number of  individuals and organisations appear from time
to time claims themselves to be  the "representatives of the PCP", and
proclaiming themselves as the "greatest  Maoists on earth", while in
practice they carry out activities aimed at undermining this support
while at the same time trying to exact capitalist  profits from the

These enemies of the Peruvian revolution have adopted varied masks and
draped  themselves in different guises.  At times, they perform their
abject tasks in  the open, and sometimes they work underhand without
showing their true face.   Here are two concrete examples illustrating
these counter-revolutionary phenomena:  The first relates to those
individuals who played a role in making  propaganda for the police
fraud of "peace agreement" in 1993.  The second,  relates to those who
claim to "support the people's war" and even express their  opposition
to the "peace letters' fraud", but who in practice are working for
the same strategic designs of US imperialism.

Revisionists and opportunists, together with those agents directly
linked to the  Peruvian police's Secret Services, share the same

1.   To depict the PCP as an organisation weakened by an acute
internecine and  "life or death" struggle centred around "two lines"
regarding the "peace" fraud.

2.   To deny that the "peace letters" plot is a police fabrication
engineered by the National Intelligence Service of the Peruvian state
(SIN), and supported by US intelligence experts.

3.   To depict Chairman Gonzalo as a vulgar capitulationist who, from
inside his cell, is leading the "peace agreement" plot.

4.    To deny and obscure the analysis and position of the Communist
Party of Peru regarding the "peace agreement" plot which was from the
word go repudiated and denounced by the Party as a
counter-revolutionary fabrication engineered by US imperialism and its
lackeys. They also try to slur over the spirited defence by the Party
of Chairman Gonzalo's revolutionary integrity.

5.    To promote the disorganisation of the international political
movement in support of the armed struggle and the PCP, and to lead it
into a quagmire.


A principle of Marxist theory teaches us that in order to fight
imperialism with success and from a position of advantage, it is
necessary to distinguish clearly between enemies and friends.  That
once the class enemy is clearly identified,  we must fight it through
to the end.  It is true that the capitulationists and  police agents
(abroad) were represented by the heads of the Peru People's
Movement (MPP), and they were fought against and smashed without
qualms. They  were unable to resist the burden of the People's War,
and currently (in Peru and abroad) they have no longer any
significance in the Peruvian process, existing only as figments of the
imagination in Fujimori's plots.

On the other hand, the revisionists and opportunists were represented
- and still are - by the leadership of the International Committee of
the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (Co-Rim), and by the heads
of the International Emergency Committee (IEC). This current, isolated
and despised by the true friends of the People's War and the PCP, are
crawling like snakes loudly hissing their "support for the people's
war" and even screaming that their "red flag is flying over Peru".
Adopting this phoney revolutionist position, they are attempting to
continue to profit from the People's War. This is precisely what now
must be stopped.  We must not allow vulgar opportunism to
continue to capitalise and profit from the heroic struggle of the
Peruvian revolutionaries.

The opportunist leadership of Co-RIM, is the main cause of immobilism
in the
international movement of support for the People's War in Peru.  Since
October 1993 their nefarious activities have been geared to paralysing
any show of support for the People's War and to cast doubts upon the
revolutionary condition of Chairman Gonzalo.  Both bureaucratic
organisms, the Co-RIM and the IEC, are not in any way politically and
morally capable to call upon the masses and political organisations to
the defence of the Peruvian revolution.

No working class individual would listen to or follow the calls of an
eclectic leadership who took a conciliatory position towards the
police fraud for over a year and a half and kept during that time
secret relations with the promoters of the police and capitulators'
plot abroad, a leadership, moreover, that tooksteps to pigeonhole
documents of the PCP.

No political organisation abroad can take seriously the proclamations
of the International Emergency Committee (IEC), while the bureaucracy
in charge of that organism is the same bureaucracy in charge of the
Co-RIM.  No one with elementary political sense would want to offer
their support and solidarity to Chairman Gonzalo if this must pass
through the IEC, an organism in whose "leading body", three
individuals who are working and coordinating actions with the Peruvian
government remain.


Given the ideo-political considerations above, we issue this call to
defend the Peruvian revolution.  This organisation would be directed
linked to the Peruvian process and will undertake the task of
organising, guiding and promoting all activities  in support of the
Peruvian revolution abroad.  Its tasks would be geared to the
following objectives:

1.   To defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo and his powerful Thought.

2.   To defend without reservations the People's War, the Communist
Party of Peru (PCP) and its leadership.

3.   To defend the life of the war and political prisoners.

4.   To defend Maoism as the new, third, and superior stage of
Marxism, within the context of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism taken as a
unity in development.

5.   To struggle against imperialism, revisionism and opportunism and
all counter-revolutionary forces.

6.   Work towards convening and implementing a WORLD CONFERENCE to
congregate political parties, support groups, mass organisations and
fronts, as well as personalities who sympathise with and support the
People's War in Peru.  To appoint an Organising Commission to this

Brussels, 10 March, 1996

-  Peru People's Movement - Belgium
-  Sol-Peru Committee - Belgium
-  El Diario Internacional

London, 17 March, 1996

-  Sol-Peru Committee - London

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