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Tue Jun 4 01:21:36 MDT 1996

Neil wrote;
>Dear Robert,
>Your trotskyist  defense of "degenerated/deformed workers states",
>e.g. stalininist state capitalist regimes is of course, thrown in with
> your idealist (Cosmo Topper like-now you see it now you dont!) analysis
> of the economic base of  state cap regimes has put you into a real funk!!
>You are left as the petty bourgeois pacifist moralist deriding me
>"well, you sure do hate the stalinists". Deep.
>Yes Robert, I kind of fervently oppose all exploiter systems,
>in our age both privatized and state capitalist tyranny over the
>waged  working class.

Dear Neil,

I have never said that you don,t hate capitalist tyranny. In fact exactly
the opposite. In fact i have also stated that you people are
Internationalists.. In fact what i have said is that your line of us against
everybody including the trade unions is just ridiculous..

>Most of the existing left today is a bankrupt swamp, too
>sclerotic to even do any criticicism of  its own own history
>theory and practice.

I agree. The left including the state capitalist are in ruins. But also the
various "trotskyist" groupings.

>The class struggles remain a potential powerful
>pivot for social change world wide. Capitalism
>of the state caps or priv. caps is still hounded
>by the specter of the workers united in militant
>centralized mass struggles that will cross out
>state , nations and borders.

I,m glad that you see class struggle as having a potential whatever. My
believe is that class struggle is the *only* way forward.
>When workers struggles en masse rises again  those new
>forces  will not look with favor on  bourgeois liberal lobby groups of
>petty Democrat ward healer careerists like CPUSA  neo-stalinists nor to
> their Trotskyist appendages--always two decibels to their left around
>the rear of their trousers ,apologizing for almost their every crime
>against  workers, all those except when they carried ot the purges of the
> trotsky people from the USSR govt in the 30s.

But then you go off the deep end as usual and try to throw everybody into
the same pot. It is and ultra secterian approach to class struggle. In fact
it nears Aldolfos mini red front that he is building these days.And to call
Trotskyists apoligists for the Stalinist bureaucracy is both dishonest and
slander.The left oppposition to Stalin was built in struggle against these
people and many good communists were killed or murdered in this historic
struggle including the old man himself. And in fact the trotskyists defended
many people who certainly were not trotskyist but under the gun of Stalins
>If it was some form of workers states that collapsed  to capitalism in E.
>Europe and Russia  only in in 1989-91 as you vapor on about, then why
>did not the workers even raise up a rifle or any mass strike to oppose this???
>Quoting your crusty Trotsky/Pablo  bibles may be OK  for the parlor
> socialist.

You and i both know that Pablo was the very reason the Fourth International
was split and finally destroyed as an organisation. His line of liquidating
the party to enter the Stalinist organisations after the second world war
was the beginning of the end of the left opposition and the Fourth
International. Mandel and his cohorts who claim this title are
liquidationionist also. Although it is not the Stalinist parties but just
about everything that moved from the Cuban revolution to Alotoyah khomeini!

>But workers today will demand more serious materialist analysis in the
>real world.

Workers today certainly will need to learn. However it will not be the
fundemental right wing analisis of state capitalism with and ultra left and
adventurist activist profile of us against everybody. The workers will learn
to fight probably through united front formations and concrete struggles
against there class enemies. The most militant vanguard must be won to a
Leninist and Bolshevik line encompassing the history of both the Russian
revolution but the history of the left opposition..No one at this point can
lay claim to the title of those great victories. It will be in the class
struggle that the vanguard will be schooled and steeled. we shall see who
has the correct line in the process of this struggle.
>Yes, you are disappointed in Charlotte's open apologetics for Stalinism
>and the state capitalist regimes it built the old movement on. But you
> prefer Trotskyist "opposition" ! Hence Your anti-stalinism kind of sounds
>like the way the Democrats attack the Rpuplicans here --"Political changes
> from the top-YES ,touch our precious economic base-NEVER!!
> All in the family.

And Neil once again you put two historical currents in the same bag. The
Stalinist and the trotskyists. By the way the Anarchists also were involved
in this struggle. But to just sweep over this struggle which has been going
on a rather long time in order to pull the wool over the eyes of people is a
pretty rotten way to act. But in doing this you expose youself in saying
basically the same thing that any right wing patriot or Clinton lover would
say about communist and class struggle.

Either you sharpen your act my friend or you will be crossing the class line
not only in theoy but in practice. The Anarchists have my respect. The
Stalinists are my deadly enemies. You my friend will prove very soon exactly
where you fit into the scale of things. At present you appear to have a
trajectory which will not help one class concious worker today. In fact you
and Aldolfo can soon build a club of organisations that are irrevelant to
anything other then saying everybody else is a traitor line.Good luck..

Warm Regards
malecki in exile

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