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Tue Jun 4 07:46:31 MDT 1996

 Adam Rose <adam at> 04.06.96 10.32

Our sister organisation in Ireland, also
called the Socialist Workers
Party, decided to boycott these elections, on
the grounds that

i)  they were pointless
ii) the elections themselves were inherently
sectarian - at least
in normal elections, class issues can in
theory be raised.

This is the first time to my knowledge they
have boycotted an election
in the north - normally they'd vote for Sinn

Presumably, they must have thought that there
was a significant number
of people completely pissed off with both the
"ballot box, talks and
concessions" of Adams and the "semtex"
approach of the "hardliners".



I read that the elctions the 30th of May had
a very high turnout, higher than the regular
elections. I also read that the Sinn Fein
incrased the numbers of votes, so that those
who doesn't usually vote voted fro the Sinn

Wouldn't that mean that the pissed off people
voted - for Sinn Fein?

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