Cuba and worker's commune

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Tue Jun 4 08:42:53 MDT 1996

> On Tue, 4 Jun 1996, Adam Rose wrote:
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> > You are the first person on this list to post anything which suggests there
> > may not be a socialist state in Cuba.
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> Louis: Ah yes, just what we need. More evidence of what Cuba is not. If we
> keep working away at this, we may someday have a complete fix on
> everything that Cuba isn't. Isn't this Marxism in all its glory?

Apart from the point scoring, the real reason this matters is that the
question of what are we fighting for arises in a discussion about Cuba.

Ultimately, I am inspired by a vision of a future society that I think
it is worth fighting and dying for. It is not worth fighting and dying to
bring about a society like Cuba. If Cuba is socialist, it is not worth
fighting and dying for socialism.

This is not simply a question of ultimate aims, though. When a trade
union official, or a Labo(u)r party in power, argues that we have to
accept some rotten compromise, the market is invoked to justify it. If we
are to fight effectively for reforms in the here + now, we have to have
a political alternative to the market. Putting forward, or allowing
them to put forward, Cuba or the USSR as an example in this situation is
not exactly helpful.


Adam Rose


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