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Tue Jun 4 10:28:00 MDT 1996

>Neil is right.
>In 1989 and 1990, we were treated to the disguisting spectacle of
>"orthodox" "trotskyists" being the only people to defend the collapsing
>Stalinist regimes, when both the working class and the ruling class
>had had enough of them.
>The only people on the same side as the "orthodox" "trotskyists" were
>the secret police.
>Some of them, by gut instinct anti Stalinist despite supporting the form
>that property took in the Stalinist states, didn't side with the secret
>police - they merely sat on the fence. Uncomfortable places, fences.
Dear Adam,

There are no orthodox trotskyists. We have a myriad of organisations
claaiming to be the *real* thing. This does not in any way change my
position on the history of the left opposition and the role it played.

Nor does it change one bit my answer to Neil. And trying to get a jab in
against the Sparts won,t help. The sparts as far as i know were a principle
organisation and acted accordingly when i was in contact with them.  That is
what you really mean here. As to what they were actually doing that is there
business and not mine during the 90ties. However i would have to read their
material and thinkings before i would take a position.

 But the key question still is today the formation of a leninist vanguard
with can connect with the proletarian vanguard to lead the working class to
victory. Without the historical lessons of Lenin and the left opposition
this will be impossible. Because it is directly counter posed to the
treacherous leadership of both Stalinism in all of its variants and the
Social democracy.

And i still defend both China and Cuba has deformed workers states. As far
as the Soviet Union goes i have repeatedly tryed to get this up on the list
wiothout anybody but the Russian CP and our Turkish friend on this list
saying anything at all about what should be done. Hugh touched on it and i
said i was not satisfied with his sterile answer in regards to the Russian

I also stand fast on the Neil who has a rightist state capitalist analisist
and a ultra left activist approach of us against everybody. He can stand
their and beat his breast about counter revolutionary trade unions and all
the rest and go blue in the face building groups outside the unions today..

This discussion is definitely not finished. And especially important because
a lot turns around what communist revolutionaries are going to do in
relation to the former soviet union and also to its tail which is the
popular front style of the Eurocommunists..

Warm regards
malecki in exile

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