olaechea's purity & my pollution

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Tue Jun 4 10:28:06 MDT 1996

 Luftmensch wrote;
>That at least is the effect he produces - not unlike Malecki in exile, at
>his worst moments. Malecki's logorrhea, however, unlike Olaechea's
>outpourings, conform to what we expect from our trotskyite friends,
>who have all the answers to all the questions we are not asking.

Now Luftmensch, i have to thank you for saying the trotskyists have all the
Not entirely true, but we try our best. I,m sure we have made lots of
mistakes too..
Otherwise this letter was very, very, funny. Thanks...

malecki in exile

PS; A question. If i,m a trotskyist, what are you?

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