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Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Tue Jun 4 14:39:15 MDT 1996

Louis wrote:

>It really is bizarre how small Trotskyist groups delude themselves into
>thinking they are major actors on the world scale. Several months ago I
>read a speech by a leader of the American SWP stating that the IRA *could
>not* be regarded as a "sister organization" because--poor dears--they just
>weren't as Leninist as the SWP. I commented at the time that this must
>have prompted thousands of IRA militants to turn in their weapons when
>they received this heartbreaking news.

So what's Trotskyist about the ex-Trotskyist American SWP or the
anti-Trotskyist (programmatically speaking, not in the
counter-revolutionary sense in which Stalinists are anti-Trotskyist)
British SWP?

I mean, Louis prides himself on his precision and sticking to the 'facts'
-- except maybe where Trotskyism is concerned?



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