Time to 'pretty up' the fascist (fwd)

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Jun 4 14:16:15 MDT 1996

What I meant to say, Sanjii, whoever the hell you are, is that "If I knew
your real name and where to find you, I'd give you a piece of my mind."
Now, for something said in complete seriousness. You are a very sick
person to haunt a Marxism list and to red-bait from the
protection of anonymity. You are a coward and a piece of shit. I will
stand by that.

Louis Proyect

From: Sanjii at aol.com
To: lnp3 at columbia.edu
Subject: Re: Time to 'pretty up' the fascist

             Well ,I don't take kindly to threats.So I'm calling Coloumbia
    Uni. to make a formal complaint,and forwarding a copy of your post
    to my attorney,who has informed me he will fax Columbia with a
   request for an apology .You ,Sir are not above the law,and if you
   don't take responsibility for your actions then Columbia Uni. will
   have to answer for them.I have been informed that you are using
   University facilities to post to the Marxism list,that makes the
   University legally and financially responsible.


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