Time to 'pretty up' the fascist (fwd)

Sanjii at aol.com Sanjii at aol.com
Tue Jun 4 14:53:53 MDT 1996

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>What I meant to say, Sanjii, whoever the hell you are, is that "If I knew
>your real name and where to find you, I'd give you a piece of my mind."
>Now, for something said in complete seriousness. You are a very sick
>person to haunt a Marxism list and to red-bait from the
>protection of anonymity. You are a coward and a piece of shit. I will
>stand by that.

                                      In the past several hours I have
  death threats.I am not going to stand for this.I have called the States
  Attorney Generals Office in the state in which I reside,and they have
 informed me that this is a Federal Offense,and that they will deal with
 the matter.Do you and your friends find it amusing to threaten people?
                                     You people are clearly mentally ill,but
 is no excuse for threats of violence.If you have not retained an attorney
 I suggest you do so.Your computer files will be requested.
                                     I think its about time you and your
friends real-
   that irresponsible actions do have consequences,and that people will
   not stand by while you threaten them.I am also interested to see how
   Columbia University reacts to this-is this how the University wants to
   be portrayed?

   will not stand by while you make threats

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