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"It is true that there is no such thing as a completely finished question
since all knowledge, being in itself part of matter, is necessarily relative
and needs development.  But this knowlege corresponds with
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally with Maoism and therein finds its
value. Besides, it corresponds with the outlook of Gonzalo Thought.
Therefore it is Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Gonzalo Thought knowledge" -
Chairman Gonzalo ("On Rectification Campaign", Central Committee of PCP,
August 1991, Tranlated and Published by Sol Peru Committee, London, May 1992)


Like a hungry chicken pecking at stony ground, a Jesuitical "lawyer" is
going around trying to smear the WORLD MOBILISATION COMMISSION by the well
known Avakian style method of "hindsight fault finding".

First this Jesuit alleged that the Call for the WMC was not "offensive" but
"defensive", that the WMC (in a two page leaflet) did not raise the question
of the "strategic offensive of the world revolution".

Now, confronted with the fact thet it was specifically Committee Sol Peru
which long ago fundamented and developed that question, something that no
"parrot" can do, since it requires a real grasp of the issue in its
historical context since the question of the "strategic offensive of the
world revolution" is not a question of shouting slogans, but a question of
the era which needs analysis, explanation, fundamentation, and, yes, DEFENSE
of its basic thesis - our Jesuit now has come up with another laughable
"objection your honour" gimmick:

"The WORLD MOBILISATION COMMISSION does not speak of the ideology of the
PCP", the Jesuit says in horrified and feigned outrage.


Point four of the REVOLUTIONARY PRINCIPLES the WMC calls upon the
revolutionaries and masses to DEFEND is:

"4.  To Defend Maoism, as the new, third and superior stage of

What is the PCP ideology but an application of the above to the CONCRETE
reality of the Peruvian revolution?

Maybe the Jesuit rather than DEFEND MAOISM is out simply to OFFEND IT!

I make this point to our comrades, so that they can see with what sort of
twisters, liars and outright mountebanks we are dealing with.  There is not
one bone of honesty in their whole bodies.

There is no doubt that the enemies of the WORLD MOBILISATION COMMISSION all
haul from the same second rank Avakian style "reserves" or tentacles.  There
is no doubt that THEY DO HAVE real, as oppossed to pretended, objections to
the World Mobilisation Commission:

The Call for the World Mobilisation Commission says:

"No one with elementary political sense would want to offer their support
and solidarity to Chairman Gonzalo if this must pass through the IEC, an
organism in whose "leading body", THREE INDIVIDUALS who are working and
COORDINATING ACTIONS with the Peruvian government remain". (From the Call
for the WMC)

Who are this individuals?  Carlos and Delia La Torre, and Javier Esparza
Marquez!  That is why, the "Quispe" Jesuit really objects to the CALL!
Because in fact the "objectors" are defenders and accomplices of these trio
of Fujimori agents!.

I suggest that rather than enter into silly arguments about whether the Call
for the WMC can be an Encyclopedia Brittanica of every marxist principle
ever to cross the mind of a desperate Jesuit looking for "faults", comrades,
if they must still, try to argue with such people, DEMAND FOR THEM
ESPARZA!  That is the big glaring, open and GAPING, HOLE in their chatter
about "offensive"!

They are incapable, unwilling and unable to "OFFEND" in the direction of the
capitulationist headquarters, because, IN ACTUAL FACT, they are part and
parcel of that headquarters, together with Co-RIM, the phony "Sol Rojo" and
the Aussie Avakian clone "stillborn RCP".

Adolfo Olaechea

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