Louis a Menshevik on the party question.

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Jun 5 01:46:49 MDT 1996

Time and again Louis has presented us with is hate of the Leninist ideas of
a vanguard party. The bottom line is that he lacks the understanding of the
party being a combat organisation, a propaganda organisation, in order to
move things in a definite direction. His hate of democratic centralism is in
reality seeing the party as a discussion club, a tea party, along the lines
of this list. And in fact i think basically he is a menshevik on a lot of
political questions at heart. Confronted with this he attacks the Leninist
ideas of party organisation, because he knows that his politics would always
be in a minority in a bolshevik organisation if they made the mistake of
giving him membership.

His latest example is a historical attack on the split:

However, if people are interested in facts i suggest they read a phamplet
called Lenin and the Vanguard Party.It was given out by the Sparts in 1978.
It takes up all these questions and not in the least Tony Cliff revision of
history among others.

I read it again last night and agree with it completely.

Warm regards
malecki in exile..

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