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Wed Jun 5 01:46:38 MDT 1996

Neil writes;
>Dear Robert,
>Nice dive into your trick bag but it won't work!
>Stop throwing up Smoke and punching up e-mail meadow muffins
> and deal with the issue!
>State Capitalism  VS. Workers Rule/Socialism!

The only smokescreen Neil is your inability to understand the historic
struggle that the left opposition made against the Stalinist bureaucratic
click that took power on top of the greatest proletarian victory in history.
In fact the state capitalist view in a nutshell is called throwing out the
baby with the bathwater! You have understood nothing of these struggles and
contradictions over a whole historical period. State capitalism is a
bankrupt theory which leads to a adventurist and sectarian approach to class
struggle and a lack of understanding of basic trade union struggles and the
ABCs of marxist ideas..
>Again I ask you. If your precious  workers states
>(E. Europe and  Russia) collapsed into capitalism only in
>in 1989-91 as you vapor about then why did not the workers
>there grab pistols and rifles and build a mass strike (anywhere)
>to oppose this "counterrevolution"????

Here our great neil thinks he has got a handle on the "Trots". Despite 60
years of Stalinist rule even the capitalists understood the difference
between them and the bureaucratic planned economy of the Stalinists. However
you are right Trotsky did say that a counter-revolution would mean civil
war. At present this has of yet become a reality. But 60 years of bankrupt
politics can grind down anybody including the proletariat. This does not
mean at all that civil war will not come in the former Soviet Union. Events
their have not been decided in one way or another. But the working class i
doubt even in the Soviet Union grounded down with Stalinist mismanagement
and peaceful co-existence and all the rest will sit by idle as all the gains
of October are taken away from them. But if it does happen it is not there
fault but ours for not having the cadre, and means of intervening in this

Already we have seen on this list the Stalinist answer to developments. Not
to mobilise workers to defend their interests but-electoralism and an
"anti-facist" front of some sort. Complete bankruptcy. I have earlier taken
up the question of what is to be done to find a way to intersect the working
class and fight not only the capitalist restorationists forces but the
Stalinist bureaucrats pipedreams.
The only thing that you have done is whine about the orthodox trots and
accusing me of being at best a Stalinist ass kisser.. This is also your
inability to come with anything but empty sloganeering of anarchist slogans
of "workers power= socialism.

Socialism is something one has to fight for both against the capitalist and
in the case of the former Soviet union the stalinist bureaucrats.However
there is a difference otherwise we would not hear the whinings of the
Stalinists about facists and civil war. But you are to stupid to understand
that there are contradictions there today. You put all the enemies of the
proletariat in one big back and scream. State Capitalism, we told you

You have no program. You have no strategi. You are ultra leftists in you
ideas about work in workers organisations. And completely incapable of
seeing any dialectics and contradictions in living class struggle. You have
put your self on the garbage heap of history before things even get started..
>Of course this is  an easy one , if you will concede your
>orthodox trotskyism is all wet on this. THese countries
>were state capitalist regimes from the get-go (Russia from the
>early 20s/E. Europe form their post WW2 inception) and
>had alredy degenerated into bourgeois rule thru the state
>machine complete with wage labor skinning, commodity production
>production for profit and the market system to boot.

The above is exactly why you will never lead anything anywhere. But will be
a little sect that will be washed away in the great class struggles to come..
>Even maverick trotsky people have  exposed the "workers state'
>humbug you promote as apologetics for stalinism and exploiter
> class rule.

Read history. Trotskyist have never been apoligists for the Stalinists. It
almost makes me think of Aldolfos snakes and rats and agents of Fujjimora.
The state cap view of Trotskyist on the stalinists. If you can tell the
difference between the historical struggle of the left opposition to
Stalinism in all of its various faces. No wonder the slander. Good luck. The
only capitulation here is that State Capitalism allah Neil puts you in the
camp of the imperialists who would love to see your line of the Trotskyist
being henchman of Stalin.. What a joke!"

>E.G.even trotsky groups I have huge differences with have broached
>the issue &with some logic-dialectical logic too--
>I refer you to works of the League for the Revolutionary Party
>(LRP) their Walt Daum and Sy Landy have put out an excellent
>well researched and footnoted book "THE LIFE AND DEATH OF

I do not know what these people represent. But if you agree with them they
must be wrong!

>SEnd $15.00 to LRP, Box 3573, church ST. Sta, NY. NY 10008 USA
>This book is well researched and footnoted and realy goes into
>the laws of motions and the class character, and reasons
>for failed worker revolts and the needs of the new ruling
>classes to build state cap. in the weaker capitals of the world.
>Of course there is the better known works of the Cliff people
>in the SWP-UK such as STATE CAPITALISM IN RUSSIA  by T. Cliff
>and updated works by Callinicos , Harman etc. I think these
>have flaws both they are well worth the time to study too!

Good luck with Tony Cliff. He is to the far right of anything i have ever
read and claiming to be part of the workers movement. At best a Social
Democrat! You can have him.
>I am in the Communist left milieu so I think the best exposes on
>the rise of state capitalism in this century are those of the
>REVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVES -Communist Workers Organization
> (CWO) Box 338, Sheffield, S3 9YX, UK
>Their older Revolutionary persectives go into Capital ,
>The Periods of Lenin and Luxembourg, their great achievements
>as well as their errors.

Actually there might be a certain truth in the above. A sort of gut reaction
to Tony Cliff! I really believe that you hate capitalism Neil. But your
program and tactics are just ridiculous. The best thing you could do would
be to take contact with any of the groups who claim to be "trotskyist". That
would be a real step to the left for you personally. And perhaps you will
find you way to a real Bolshevik-Leninist organisation in the future.
>You should stop blowing a smokescreen around this list
>about my alleged ties to Adolfo and Co. , right wing patriots
> alleged ultrasectarianism, "crossing the class line" etc. All this
>is just a knee jerk "peek-a- boo defense" from a person
>-neo spartacist- that is hiding from the key class issues
>in this exchange and your tactics will not fool too
>many marxists and militant working people.

No its not. The same traits of Aldolfo are seen in your complete inability
to see anything but the snakes and rats according to your fake revolutionary
>AS we just probably have some use to the working class movement-
>we should eject the egoism , take a cold shower, dry off and
>deal with the class issues and lessons . If I am proven wrong and
>I have been in the past sometimes.. I will fess up and change
>my views. But your methodology so-far is not enlightening.
i am glad you say that if you are proven wrong you will change. There is
still hope for you Neil. Besides i think i like your style. Its just your
politics that stink..

warm regards
malecki in exile
Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my

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