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Wed Jun 5 06:31:41 MDT 1996

On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, Karl Carlile wrote:

> If Louis is correct then there would have been no significant basis for a
> split between the Bolshevik and the Mensheviks since Martov and the
> Mensheviks supported the establishment of a social-democratic party.

Louis: As a matter of fact, around 1910 relations between the Bolsheviks
and Mensheviks was warming up.

> the generalisation of the workers' struggle. Both Lenin and Economism
> supported the generalisation of the struggle. The decisive difference is
> that  Economism  was OPPORTUNIST and Lenin was revolutionary and thereby
> principled.

Louis: I base my understanding of Lenin's critique of economism from a
reading of "What is to be Done". Perhaps you have read something else that
reflects a different perspective and you would be willing to share it with
the list. If it is just your own interpretation, then you can...

> The Economism of Louis explains why Louis urges all "marxists" to join
> together and become one big happy family: "We're here because we're
> right!" eh Louis!

Louis: You use the word economism and opportunism almost interchangeably,
so you really mean the "opportunism" of Louis. Coming from you, as is the
charge of "Menshevik" from Malecki, it is a real compliment.

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