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Wed Jun 5 06:59:17 MDT 1996

I just wanted to report a positive development in these dreary times.  This
last weekend we held the founding convention of the Progressive Alliance of
Alameda County.  It was attended by over 300 people.  Perhaps more important
was that it brought together a rather diverse section of the left and

Participating were the Greens, the Peace & Freedom Party, supporters of Labor
Party Advocates, Committees of Correspondence, Crossroads, Solidarity, a
small but vociferous Trotskyist group (Communist something or other), Freedom
Socialists, progressive Democrats and many independents.  Peter Camejo played
a major role in its creation. The group is committed to running candidates on
a local level independent of the major parties.  A number of failed and
successful candidates were also present.

The group is serious, reasonably funded, with an office and professional

The major difference at the conference was/is , as expected, the attitude
towards the Dems.  A straw vote went two to one in favor of not excluding
endorsing candidates who are registered Democrats.  Of course, such
candidates would have to commit themselves to the Alliance's princeples which
includes independent politics.

The way I see it is that for decades there has been a "a giant sucking sound"
of progressives flowing into the Dems, primarily at the instigation of the
CP.  I see this force as an opposite pole of attraction: an effort to pull
progressives out of the Dems and into independent political action.  We must
prove to these people  -- and they and their supporters represent milliuons
of voters nationwide -- that one can win running independently.  This is what
Progressive Alameda intends to do  first on a small local scale.

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