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Wed Jun 5 08:46:45 MDT 1996

>On Wed, 5 Jun 1996 TimW333521 at wrote:
>> (1) The common characteristic of "what went wrong" in USSR, China, Vietnam,
>> Cuba, etc., is clearly the decision of the leadership to impose a
>> revolutionary strategy at the expense of its inviligation by the masses
>> through real democratic forms.  Louis seems to be suggesting that they made
>> this choice (Sophie's choice?) because invigilation would have inevitably led
>> to counter-revolution.  If this is the case, then socialism is truly
>> impossible in these lesser developed nations.
>Louis: Goddamnit, Tim, when are you going to stop using those Scrabble
>game-buster words like "inviligation" (or is it invigilation?). Ok, I
>challenge you. That is not in the dictionary. Put your tiles back in and
>lose a turn if you can't prove it's a word.

The world of Indian journalism, bearing as it does the rather bizarrely
transmogrified baggage of the British empire, regularly uses words such as
"invigilate" and "infructuous." In fact, the most common term for proctors
in India is "invigilators." They're also fond of saying "outraging the
modesty of a woman." At least they don't use "rebarbative" quite as often
as conservative columnists here.


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