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Title -- Troops cross border: Honiara protests as four rebels killed
Date --  3 June 1996
Byline -- Timothy Masiu and Tande Temane
Origin -- Asia-Pacific Network
Source -- The National (PNG), 3 June 1996
Copyright -- The National
Status -- Abridged


By Timothy Masiu
and Tande Temane
BUKA: Security forces crossed into the Solomon Islands last Friday as
officials from both countries convened to discuss border issues.

Security forces sources admitted here yesterday that they violated the
border in hot pursuit of armed Bougainville rebels led by ismael Toroama.

The security forces also claimed that four of Ismael Toroama's men were
killed during a shootout between the rebels and and the resistance forces at
Olle Mission station on the northern tip of the Choiseul Island in the
Solomon Islands.

Yesterday the Solomon islands government protested strongly against the
incursion as Prime Minister Solomon Mamaloni called on his people for calm
and urged them not to be alarmed.

The diplomatic protest note, delivered to the PNG High Commission in
Honiara, read in part: "Since the lifting of the ceasefire by the PNG
government on March 21, incursions into Solomon Islands territory have been
continuing, seemingly at will and threateneing the integrity of Solomon
Islands, its sovereignty and its populace along the common border.

"Solomon Islands is of the view that these actions are provocative,
aggressive and posturing armed harassment. They have continuously created an
unnecessarily dangerous and tense situation and has instilled great fear in
our people."

The note said that last month three senior government officials were held up
and threatened by PNG citizens at Faisi island while the latest incident
involved a PNGDF patrol boat which fired shots at Liulius village on
Choisneul Island.

Three boats owned and operated by the rebels were sunk during the shootout.
One rebel was captured and is being held at Loloho, while rebel hardliner
Toroama again escaped unhurt.


Title -- 'Human rights violations continue'
Date --  3 June 1996
Byline -- Denis Peters
Origin -- Asia-Pacific Network
Source -- The National (PNG) from AAP, 3 June 1996
Copyright -- AAP
Status -- Unabridged

SYDNEY: Murder, torture, rape, harassment and other human rights abuses
continue on Bougainville, an Australian woman activist married to a
Bougainvillean chief said yesterday.

Releasing Marilyn's List Volume Two, an updated list of atrocities allegedly
committed by the PNG military against Bougainvilleans, Marilyn Havini said
Australians would be appalled if they knew the extent of violations on the

Among alleged atrocities this year, the list cited the shooting of an
eight-year-old boy, the public execution by shooting of a man as a warning
to others, and the massacre of 10 people at Simbo village in early February.

"We'd like all these cases to be properly investigated by an international
and impartial fact-finding mission," Ms Havini told journalists while
releasing the list.

"If the (PNG Defence Force) was withdrawn, the rebels could put down their
guns and the peace process could begin."

The Bougainville conflict, which has complex origins, began in earnest eight
years ago and led to armed conflict between the rebels and the PNGDF and a
military-enforced blockade of the island, which has a populaton of about

In  March, the PNG government ended the ceasefire on Bougainville following
an upsurge  in rebel activity which saw 12 PNG security force members killed
since January.

Ms Havini has been married to Bougainville chief and Bougainville Freedom
Movement activist Moses Havini for 20 years. They have four children and now
live in Sydney.


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