Louis G. actuall said something! AND malecki too - all too loud and clear!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Jun 5 11:25:26 MDT 1996

Aldolfo wrote:
>Our United Front is a united front FOR THE REVOLUTION and not against it! A
>United Front for the Revolution is Necessarily one that would uphold the
>Slogan VICTORY TO THE PEOPLE'S WAR IN PERU, because without that victory the
>revolution can not possibly succeed.

Aldofo comes out of the closet and lays down the line Godena. Actually the
above is a slogan which can hardly mobilise broad support in the workers
movement. It is an Aldolfo pipedream. In fact a workers revolution does not
neccessarily mean Maoist peoples war, and your slogan is just PR for the
peoples war and the PCP. Gonna be quite interesting in your attempts to
build this united front. Who with?
Expecting everybody to jump on Comrade Gonzalos bandwagon i assume.

>Basic for a united front for a revolution, is ALSO support without any
>equivocation or fudge, for its leadership, the Communist Party of Peru, and
>for the ideology that guides this revolution, or at least a respectful and
>scientific attitude towards it.  Because it is this ideology what makes, and
>has made, the revolution in Peru advance, has brought it to the current
>situation of development it finds itself which is precisely what this front
>would be about defending and advancing:  Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo

Basic for the united front, according to Aldolfo is total support for the
PCP and there ideology. Well, if everybody supported that you wouldn,t need
a united front! Respect means for Aldolfo getting down on your knees and
respecting everything that you hand out as the line. Plus condemning all
those who in your eyes are traitors, snakes, rats, agents of Fujimora and
the rest of the list. gonna be pretty difficult in breaking your sect
existence with that line. Some great work around the United front was done
here around Chile solidarity. Talk to Martens about it. Although i doubt he
would understand it. Thousands of people came out on the streets. But of
course the slogans were not accepting the full program of the PCP and every
word that Gonzalo has uttered + condemning all of Aldolfo,s political enemies.

Your line is bankrupt Aldolfo. It is not a united front, but a sectarian PR
jippo for the PCP which will not be successful in mobilisations of broad
support for the workers and peasants in Peru suffering under the Fujimora

>Since Malecki is viscerally against that, there is no United Front with
>malecki. Anyone picking up malecki's support must really hate the revolution
>in Peru!

Your right Aldolfo. I will not support your fake united front. Nor will
anybody else. Other then Rolf Martens perhaps.

Revolution and tactics is and art Aldolfo. And you failed the test.

Lou G. is this what you ment by your words?

"That to me is the essence of the WMC; the BROADENING of
>the support of the Peruvian revolution among workers, among progressives,
>among communists, among all those who oppose imperialsim and the ravages of
>monopoly capitalism. "

Warm Regards
malecki in exile...

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