Louis Godena actually said something

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Jun 5 13:43:05 MDT 1996

Comrade Luis G.,

To Malignki, you wrote:

>Dear Mr Malecki;
>                            For the record, I have no wish to see you at
>all, anywhere, ever---unless, of course, we share the same quarters in=
>                                                 Louis Godena
I hope you'll not. But as a teacher, he isn't that bad, what?=20
On my part, I usually try, two fingers it the throat, get that
stuff thrown up, and continue reading. Awowed Trotskyite Malignki is=20
a most interesting member of the supposedly "Marxist" Quashpie-Gina-
Clone (whom I=E4ll get back to later) etc gang, don't you think?

Rolf M.=20

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