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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Jun 5 14:21:19 MDT 1996

Aldolfo writes;
>Not at all: What Godena said is right, widening the support for the People's
>War, taking it away from being the toy rattle of mountebanks, demagogues,
>phoneys, like RCP USA, the "Quispe", the Ginas, the maleckis and the liberal
>bourgeois like Luftmensch, CrHis London, etc.

Aldolfo, Below is what Godena said.

"That to me is the essence of the WMC; the BROADENING of
>the support of the Peruvian revolution among workers, among progressives,
>among communists, among all those who oppose imperialsim and the ravages of
>monopoly capitalism. "

That means that you and Godena don,t have the same position on solidarity
work. I will stress the words "all those who oppose imperialism".

>Putting it in the hands of the proletariat, organising it in proletarian
>lines, making it the stuff of the proletariat's conciousness about the
>character of the era and the need to fight against revisionism and
>capitulation of the revolution.  A united front of sincere revolutionaries,
>not necessarily Maoists, but with a common sense and scientific approach.

Who else would support a PR campaign for your line? Is that what you mean by
the united front. And when you name all the phonies and parties which
includes almost everybody who you claim have betrated the line that you and
Martens have drawn is just ridiculous. You phoney front has nothing to do
with uniting people in support of the Peruvian workers movement Aldolfo. It
sounds more like the ten commandments!

>People, who, like Godena himself, are prepared to support slogans such as:

Are you puttting words into the mouth of Godena or can,t he speak for
himself. I think you front is already a little worn in the seams Aldolfo.

>Victory to the people's War in Peru
>Long live the Communist Party of Peru
>Long live the People's Liberation Army
>Long live the People's Liberation Front
>Long Live Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Party and the revolution
>Chairman Gonzalo's line is guarantee of victory for the revolution in Peru
>Long live the world proletarian revolution
>Down with imperialism and revisionism
>Long live the revolutionary principles of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao

The above is the full program of the Adolfo idea of revolution. Do you
really think that you can build a solidarity movement with thousands of
people on the above? Don,t get your hands dirty with all those people who
don,t agree with you Aldolfo. Talking about empty sloganeering Aldolfo the
above must be the record of chestbeating sectarianism and ulta left childness..

>So, you see, malecki, only "Quispe" can have you in his front since he is
>for capitualtion, change of leadership and ideology!  Your will do for him!

And as far as Quispe is concerned, i hope he has more sense then you.
Because solidarity with the workers and peasants in Peru deserve more then
the garbage you are serving as a platform for solidarity. This is not
solidarity but a suicide note which will lead you into the wildness..

Good bye Aldolfo. Join us again when you come back to the real world.
Christ i almost forgot. You forgot a slogan Aldolfo. "Atomic Power
everywhere in the Peruvian countryside." Right next to the underground
storage bases for radioactive waste.

And a campsong for you.

Onward Christian soldiers,
marching off to war,

Da Da Da Da Da Da...

malecki in exile..

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