Estimate: How many deaths is Stalin responisble for? And Fidel

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Comradely Greetings from Wei En Lin,

I ask this as a serious question.  Especially the second part.  Does
anyone know how many deaths Castro is accused of?  By his harshest
opponents; by his marxist supporters;  by his marxist-leninist
supporters;  by his liberal US supporters;  by Stalinists?  by
Trotskyists?  By De Leonists?  By Communist Party of Peru and/or Sendero
Luminoso supporters?

When Castro was in the US, he was asked in an interview why the Soviet CP
had collapesed while Cuban communism had not. He replied, what most
people forget is that we did not commit atrocities.  Our history is not

Is this the central difference between Castro's communism and Stalinism?
Perhaps it is.  I would like comments on this, and answers to the
question:  how do we find a reasonable objective estimate on the numbers
of people killed by Castro and Stalin?  This is an important ideological
point for all supporters of the Stalinistic model.

Sincere Greetings,


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     Now, if Deng thinks that Mao was 70% right and Mao
thought that Stalin was 70% right, this must mean that
Deng thinks (if he still thinks) that Stalin was 49% right.
     Anybody disagreeing with this brilliant analysis is
obviously a police spy in the pay of MOM, POP, MMPPS, Avacationing
clown, El Diarrhea, Black Flag, Beyond-the-RIM, and the
Barkley Rosser

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