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Wed Jun 5 17:18:04 MDT 1996

Ah, my dear Señor Adolfo, in one of his polemics against CoRIM,
your colleague LAB said there's an old Peruvian saying "the fish
is caught by his own mouth".  True to this proverb, you keep proving
my point:  Your WMC is more concerned about "weeding out" those
deemed by the initiators to be "fake supporters" than about reaching
new potential supporters or EXPLAINING and PROMOTING (not just
"speaking about") MLM,GT.

In a message dated 96-06-05 03:43:03 EDT, you write:

>They are incapable, unwilling and unable to "OFFEND" in the direction of the
>capitulationist headquarters, because, IN ACTUAL FACT, they are part and
>parcel of that headquarters, together with Co-RIM, the phony "Sol Rojo" and
>the Aussie Avakian clone "stillborn RCP".

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