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Robert Perrone perrone1 at
Wed Jun 5 05:06:48 MDT 1996

For those of you who may have taken the time to vote on the recent
request to establish a discussion group or are
curious about the outcome, the results are in. According to a report
yesterday, the vote went something like this: yes--592; no--33,000+.
Over 6,000 ballots were declared unacceptable for one reason or
another, most of which, according to the report, were "no" votes.

Can lessons be drawn from this? I believe so, starting from the fact
that the net can be a tremendous organinzing tool at a certain level.
I am not suggesting that mass mobilizations can be accomplished
solely by this means, but this is certainly a most effective phone
tree to get the word out.

I also believe that this demonstrates that when people are concerned
enough about an issue, an issue that has been adequately explained,
people will take an action, at some level. I believe the task of
revolutionary minded people, of progressive minded people, is to
attempt to determine at what level those around us are willing to
take action. My experience has been that if someone only wants to
lick envelopes for a cause and nothing else, then we ask that person
to stick out his tongue. We need to involve people at all levels.

Although I am not out of ideas, I would like to see if others want to
add to this.


Robert Perrone

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